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You can go anywhere but not to me?

There's a buyer who inquired about a dress at my site, and she wanted to COD. Clearly stated at my blog that I don't provide COD because its beyond my convenience.

She begged badly for COD and so I told her, the only place I can make it is either at place A or place B, maybe around that area also will do.

She told me to COD at place C, which is at her area. She told me its easier for her. FYI, it is friggin' far from my place. I have to go through tolls and highways to get there and since I really can't make it, I told her i'm sorry and i explained that i don't have any transportation since i'm still studying.

She went all mad and told me "You don't give me such excuse! I'm a student myself and I still can go anywhere i like!"

I was like, "Okay miss, its nothing personal. I really can't make it there. If you really want to COD and you can go wherever you like, how about you come to place A or B so we can meet up?"

Then she told me I'm a bad seller because I can't provide her good service. WTH? Can you please think about my convenience too? Don't only think about yourself! Erghhh.

Few days later, she crawled back and optioned for poslaju -____________-"


  1. I hope you told her to suck it

  2. tell her to hang herself at the taugeh tree.

  3. OMG! TOTALLY 100 SLAPS TO BUYER! Shas serious issues

  4. I'd prolly even know who this buyer is. Freaking annoyingggggggggggg. And yes, at the end, she'll still purchase it one. -.-