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Lop sided Monster

I once encountered this buyer, she ordered this shoe i'm selling, saying " i want size 4 for right leg, and size 5 for left leg. Because my leg size not the same. "

I thought it was pretty ridiculous and it would be impossible to find someone else who is size 4 AND 5 as well. So I politely explained to her, this is how it goes:

Me: hey there, so sorry but i don't think i can sell it to you like that, how about if you take size 5 and you can add some paddings for the right leg one?
Buyer: *in a demanding way* i don't want size 5 give me size 4!
Me: are you sure? you do know that it can't be exchange ya.
Buyer: *yes, caps lock* YES GIVE ME SIZE 4! ISHH.

So okay loo, I confirm with her and blah. but when she receive the shoes:

Buyer: Size 4 don't fit, i wanna exchange size 5.
Me: sorry, but i've mention before that it's not exchangeable. and size 5 is already pending to other buyer.
Buyer: I don't care! give me size 5 or I talk bad about your shop!
Me: *loses patience* look, I've mention before that it's not exchangeable, and if i exchange for you it wont be fair for the other buyer. you can trash talk about my blog, and i don't care because i know i'm not the one at fault.
Buyer: **** you, *****.

WTF? I'm sure you should know what she said. I was so pissed so I just ignore her. pfft.


  1. the buyer sounds like a damn spoilt brat. i pity the seller that have to deal with these kind of people (-_-)

  2. Burn buyer at the stake! Unreasonable behaviour. Tsk!

  3. HAHAHAHHA psycho buyer...

    as if it was her first time buying shoes...

    tell me which shop ever sells shoes in separate sizes for different feet size??? LOL

  4. Psycho nutcase. People like her shud not be allowed to handle money in the first place.

  5. oh my gosh the seller is so kind hearted :p i'm not a seller but if i were in the same situation, i would have just politely but firmly told her that policy states shoes should be sold in the same size. too bad if she doesn't want to buy in the end.

    she sounds really gila. little brat!