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I dare not enquire anymore

This incident happened last year.

I was on the look out for a tutu skirt and found 2 blogshops selling them but the one I really wanted from shop A was sold out. So I emailed to ENQUIRE if it was restockable. 2 days passed and no news, so I bought the skirt from shop B.

Next day, I got an email from shop A telling me that she has restocked the skirt for me and asked me to bank in the payment to her. I told her because she didnt reply my email, I bought from another seller already. She threw a hissy fit saying I was unprofessional and a horrible buyer. Sending me a barrage of sms telling me what I did was very wrong blah blah blah. Insisting that to enquire is to confirm.

1. I enquired if it was restockable
2. She never replied if it was restockable
3. How I know she went and restocked it for me

I model for a well known blog and I was afraid she might start smearing the blog's name so I ended up paying for the skirt.

Since when is "enquiring" a "confirmation of sale"?


  1. Hmm.. Almost sound like 'Your Items Have Long Gone Into Extinction'? Buyer enquires, seller thought buyer confirm buy.

  2. I guess so but I was 'forced' to buy the skirt =(

  3. Gosh, would you mind telling me which blogshop?

  4. i've encountered this before. i inquired about a jacket and straightly she replied with her bank account details, saying that i must bank in within 2 days else i'll be blacklisted. i told her i was only inquiring about the item. about the size, material and all. she didn't reply to me with my questions but instead she told me that i had confirmed my order and cannot back out. wth?! i was pissed so i told her that she should learn how to handle her business professionally by answering her customers' questions. don't only think about the money. she told me that i was a bad customer and she would never want to deal with me again.

    same goes to me, my lady! lol. (end up she never did blacklisted me) :P hehe.

    anyway babe, maybe she did mailed you but her mail went into your junk folder. sometimes its like that you know. have to check your junk folder also. but if she did it on purpose, pheww, that's one heck of a stupid seller!

    LOL x100000000000000! xD

  5. Yupi : no man... no emails from her. Even if she did reply me, shouldnt she get my confirmation before restocking it?

  6. haha... Let me guess! The seller is a student?

  7. wow she has some nerve...mind telling me who is it?


  8. i've learnt in business law that there is no such agreement/contract/confirmation that will occur if one party is only enquiring. ;) You have the right to back off from purchasing the skirt from her. such a bitch!

  9. definitely need to know who!
    mail me :D