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Is this new?

Recently, I've came across this new blogshop, female seller from London, oh well, she is a Malaysian actually, studying in UK.

As far as I know, she started the business of selling clothes and accessories not too long (really NEW). When I read her blog, all the clothings that she advertised, she actually wears on herself to show us, the buyers how nice it is. I mean, I know it's new or maybe not (since it is not stated whether it's BRAND NEW WITH TAGS or even second hand!), you should at least display it on the mannequin itself..and NOT ON UR BODY!!! So what if your body is clean...

I guess this post is similar to 'BRAND NEW...NOT' ..just that I dont know if she actually WEARS it to classes, or if it's been worn before.

On top of that, she also sells lady stockings, and caps, and she literally WORE it on her own FEET and HEAD to show it...

I feel like telling her, babe, please get a mannequin to wear the clothes, NOT YOU yourself or your other female models...but I dare not..


  1. Eh... 80% of blogshops model the clothes they sell right?

  2. ?_? I'd prefer to look at clothes modelled by the seller so I can gauge the size... sometimes mannequins are huge compared to the average size here.. And not all sellers have mannequins.

  3. Well, if the sellers can't afford a mannequin, let us buyers just hope their body/under-garments are clean enough. :P *slap self*

    There is a blogshop selling very sexy dresses and I'm always wondering if she's wearing bra or not when modeling on those clothes. *slap self again*

    Yes, i think a lot. Haha..

  4. buyer thinks that she has the body of a mannequin, haha.

  5. I think its okay for sellers to model the clothes. Not every seller can afford a mannequin.
    Even sometimes clothes that are sold in boutiques are tried on by other customers.
    If the customer tries the clothes and not purchasing it the boutique can't sell it anymore?
    Its just the same.
    *slaps buyer*

  6. *slaps buyer too*

    it's common that seller modeled the clothes herself. if they put it on a mannequin, then a so-banyak-bunyi buyer pulak will ask :-

    "can u model it for me? i want to imagine what the clothes would look like on ppl blablabla"

    haih. people people.

  7. when you receive your item from the sellers, BEST is wash it before you wear it. fair enough? :)

  8. Most sellers do model their clothes right? I've bought clothes like those before and never had any problem with smells/odour/other disgusting stuff before.

    Anon #5 is right - rule of thumb, WASH clothes before wearing them laa - even those you buy from physical shops aren't guaranteed their cleanliness or hygiene what!

  9. -slaps buyer-

    sometimes you just can't expect every blogshop to have mannequins, especially the new ones.
    and most of the customers would want to see modelled pics for diff clothings.
    you dont expect plus-sized ppl to buy ur clothes if you model it on a 36'-24'-36' mannequin right?
    *just an example, no offense to plus-sized yeah*

  10. you think mannequin cheap a? pfft!

  11. A lot of buyers actually prefer clothes modelled by an actual person. Just like Anon 2, it's easier for me to gauge the size. And washing/cleaning your clothes (for preloves) before sending them out is COMMON SENSE. Sellers who don't are just plain irresponsible.

  12. Yeah, if modelled by an actual person shows effort cause if put on mannequin simple and customers cant estimate the size. Think everyone have mannequin type of body?? What if the clothes XXL? What then?

  13. We must wash the garments before wearing, whether it is from factory, physical shop or blogshop.
    If you mind the garment being modelled by the seller, what about those garments in physical stores where a lot of people may have tried them on and they do not have new piece for buyer? Brand new garments from factory also may have dust and colouring chemicals. Best is wash all new garments before wearing, rite?