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No air... air

This one's for the bazaar organizers... well, not all but I'm sure most of you bazaar goers will know which ones.
You allocate a space for us to place our table and 2 racks but you keep forgetting one thing.
You organizers are so greedy, you pack a venue to the brim! So much so, even before any customers can get in, the place is already bumper to bumper with vendors only.

How the hell are we suppose to do business when my shop is being blocked by another vendor?

Seller = Organizer
Buyer = Vendors

Slap away...


  1. yes.. i hate these kind of freaking RM80+- to get shyt S space!

  2. Couldn't agree more. Organisers should be more realistic lor. Worse, no airconds! How should customers be happily shopping???! We live in Malaysia, not London for goodness sake! Very bad la like this..

  3. I've been to these bazaars, especially one which was held in a club. soOoO crammed that you actually rub butts with other shoppers/vendors. damn, there goes my shopping mood. i ended up not buying anything and I pity the sellers.