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Shorthand seller

Worst service ever from a seller!! I have been buying online for more than a year from various blogshops and i have NEVER experienced a seller who can fill up the pos express envelope with an incomplete street name and give a tracking number that is one number short!!!

I ended up having to search for the parcel myself at the post office after waiting 2 days for it!! Luckily, the parcel was not sent to the house in the street in my housing estate that matched the incomplete street name.

If the seller is so absent minded, pls DONT run a blogshop coz this is money we are talking about!! if the parcel had indeed gone missing, will she compensate me????


  1. Mistakes do happen, but if the seller didn't do anything to help rectify their mistake, then SLAP Seller.

  2. Did she know about the mistake to begin with?