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Brand New... NOT!

I think it's really unfair that sellers wear these items they plan to sell. It's not a pre-loved item; it's supposedly brand new.

I came across a popular buyer's personal blog and I saw her wearing the same clothes out for classes, etc. It's all on her Chictopia site. And of course, she'd list down where she "bought" her clothes - biker jacket from [insert blogshop URL here].

She wears them OUT. She wears them to classes. And then she sells them online.

Who knows if she even washes her sweat off the clothes? Imagine her sweat stuck to the pits of the top! GROSS!

But then again, whether she washes it or not, it's still unfair to her buyers. You don't sell brand new clothes that you've worn out before, just 'cause it looks awesome on you.


  1. Aiya, I think she bought stocks for her shop and kept one for herself la. I think I know which seller you're talking about.. if you realize, she wears the same pieces from her shop more than once on her Chictopia profile, and lots of times they are pieces that are already sold out from her blog.. so that's why I think she keeps some of her stock for herself. Unless she's super unethical and wears then sells la.. or a sold out item suddenly becomes available again in one piece only, then she could be wearing and then selling. Which is super gross.

  2. I am a seller and buyer myself too..and I DO keep a piece if not every colour of my own stock. What's the problem? Give the sellers benefit of doubt. Afterall, sellers are buyers too. They too deserve to wear clothes they sell.

  3. Agreeing with both comments above. Sellers may just be buyers too. After all, wouldn't it be a great way to promote your products by actually wearing it? :) But of course, there are still some unethical sellers who sell their worn clothes as new. So just as a precaution, do wash your new clothes before you wear them if you're prepared for this scenario, otherwise, just don't shop online. ;)

  4. I know which seller you are referring to and personally, i think she kept some of the ones she likes for herself and that, clearly is nothing wrong.

    of course, we can't tell for sure whether she wears and sell the items and pass them as new but lets keep our fingers crossed!

  5. Wah liao... like that also buta buta kena. tsk tsk

  6. Totally agree with all the above.
    Dear Buyer, she keeps a piece for herself whenever she re-stocks for new stuff lar, not like how you imagine it okay. Just that she gets it at a much much cheaper price since she got it direct from the supplier. Haha

  7. AYE! to all of the above!

  8. Oh my god, are you deluded or what?

    *slap buyer 1000000x*

  9. im a seller of custom made shawls..the reason i sell these shawls is because i get fed up with the mainstream when i start selling....of COURSE i would take a few for it's the same for the seller you've mentioned....just because we are sellers..doesnt mean that we just SELL...we are only human..sometimes instincts tells us to be a bit why not take something from your own product even if it is the best selling item? :) we wanna look good too! ;p

  10. haha! this buyer is naive or what?

    since when seller can't wear whatever they sell?