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Where from?

I wanted to buy a dress from this blogshop. And according to her its imported and non restockable, so i asked her where did she import it from. Suddenly she went crazy.

Me: hey, just wondering where did u import this from?
Seller: what u care? nobody ever ask except u. does it make a difference to u?? u want or not?
Me: i did want it at first but i dont want it anymore. i just asked where u got it from and suddenly u get annoyed so its ok, i'll pass.
Seller: waste my time only! i got it from London ok!
Me: really? where? i was in London for two weeks and i just got back and i didnt see anything like this.
Seller: ok i actually got it from Taiwan.
Me: ok then. thanks for ur time.
Seller: did u also just got back from Taiwan? actually i took from supplier in KL but she said its from Taiwan so that means its imported from Taiwan lor.

What is this shit? First from London then Taiwan then suddenly from KL? I asked my friend to email her and ask about the dress, she said its from directly from Taiwan.
Maybe i'm too demanding to know where is it imported from, but i think maybe sellers should write it? I mean, yes its imported but from where? Singapore? Indonesia? Canada? Mexico?

What do u all think? Should sellers write what where the item is imported from? Later become like the aussie forever 21 fake story.


  1. I think its pretty irrelevant to know where its imported from. From some of the posts in here, you can pretty much know alot of seller lie about it or dont even know what the meaning of import is.

    Its a crying shame I tell ya the kind of lies some sellers tell just to make a sale.

    I sell items that are 100% imported but I dont reveal that in my blog. Most likely people will think i'm lying!

  2. I think they should tell if they write in the blog that they're imported. I know some blogs that sell 100% imported things and dont write it. Some blogs post like 5 items and 2 of them are imported so it makes u wonder where from. If everything is imported its no big deal.
    I would want to know from where, since the seller highlighted the fact that its imported so it must be special or something right? Why else would u want to differentiate it? So obviously i want to know from where.

    Some blogs sell only one piece items or so that are non restockable and yet still they highlight a few that are imported. So the case is definitely not about it being restockable or not, just to emphasize the fact it is not from malaysia. Why? Becos its special and higher quality? Then why not tell from where?

  3. Yeah ok fine, tell ppl where the clothes are from but dont lie.

    "Designer from Guatemala"?
    "Exclusively imported" ~ but was caught in PUDU with that said item?

    IMHO : The word IMPORT is sooooo abused

  4. i noe dat blogshop stating "designer from guatemala" hahhaha n they seem to have many 'so called imported n designer items' woohuuu...think dats a top 1 blacklisted blogshop around..soooooo much of complaints..

  5. agreeed!! 'exclusively imported from blablabla'
    'korean private label'

    pffft. utter bullshit. i bought something from tht blog actually & apparently mine was imported with a 'PRIVATE KOREAN LABEL'

    once i received it, theres NO TAG, whatsoever saying its from korea -.- looks like some random top she bought from petaling street.

  6. what the hell does that mean actually? private korean label?

  7. don't have to know whether its imported or not la. as long as its pretty and you like it then just friggin buy it. its okay to inquire about the sizes, colours, materials or anything close to that but about where is it imported? lol.

    looks a bit busy body to ask where that particular seller find her 'periuk nasi'.

    but that seller don't have to answer if she don't want to. and, don't have to lie also. so funny. haha.

    to anonymous : they have TOO MANY imported items and exclusively made + limited edition and from private label, HAHAHAHA like seriously. i find those in other blogshops without them being so kepochee that its imported. if its LIMITED EDITION, why can i find it elsewhere in other blogshops and with lower price?


  8. Private Korean Label : its so private, you cant even see the tag!

  9. ya.consider urself lucky if those 'imported' (dun k la where izzit from) meet ur likings.but if u received it n found out de quality is like kain lap kaki den..............hahahhaa.Perhaps dey gt their stoc imported frm Thai, Thai oso oversea ma.lolx.clothes sold thr r dirt cheap n dey resell it trple de ori price ermmmmmm..

  10. IMHO i want to know where from. If not dont freaking write its imported. Like one anonymous said, if from Thai then the quality is bad, so shouldnt we know from where do they import these things?

    Pictures can lie la. U see the picture look so nice but when u get it, the quality is so bad. Then some more triple the price. Obviously i want to know if i'm paying my moneys worth or not.

    I think sellers who dont wanna tell then dont publish its imported. It begs a question.

  11. i dont see a reason for sellers to hide where they got the items from. if so proud to put there imported from overseas why dont wanna tell? i dont care if its from India or Paris, i want to know if its gonna be worth it buying or not.. dont wanna be asked these questions, dont write its imported. as a buyer i think i have a right to ask where is it from (since u oso publish its impoprted) so why cant i ask.

    if u dont wanna answer ok, but dont get angry if i dont wanna buy..cos for me, i wont buy from sellers who hide things..why would u hide something like that if its a good thing? i think sellers who dont wanna tell is either lying or they got from some cheap source (thailand as said above) and sell it with sky high price.

  12. sigh... people like this makes what I do seem stupid. I travel abroad monthly and handpick clothes for sale. It isnt cheap to do this.

    Then you read idiots who write about mis-using the IMPORT word and calling Thai stuff cheap.


  13. haha!! 'private korean label' i know who tht someone is. she's always plagued with 'stories'.

    but really, if a buyer asks, just let them know since one has clearly put there 'imported'. if you do not want anyone to ask, don't put there la!

  14. Erhm... since no one is asking and I'm curious, can I know the identity of the seller please? She seems to have gone around the world in 56sec.

  15. I'm so glad curious and May share the same view as me. U dont want people to ask then dont write. SImple! Oh May, which blog is this? I want to know, is it the bodycon tube one also?

  16. I can't seem to get the idea on why sellers need to state whether it's imported or not. If it's not restockable because it is imported, just state 'not restockable' lor. I really don't mind but if I caught the sellers lying, definitely will blacklist them.

    I think some sellers use the phrase 'imported' to mark up prices. Like the fake Aussie F21.

  17. exactly anonymous above me.. why state imported? to make it look exclusive? to hike up the price? whatever it is, u wrote it there so why get angry when buyers ask where from? if u're lying or feel the need to hide the truth then DONT WRITE! simple..

  18. lol..I know this blogshop...
    Once i saw here in wholesale place in KL..
    we are looking @ the same item..
    the next day...she posted the item in her blog and claimed it IMPORTED..and the price is 4X the cost price...WTH!!

  19. Oi... World Peace, we dont know if this seller is the same as THAT seller yet la. Biar benar!

  20. as a seller and buyer, i think its fine to use state the item is imported NOT to justify the higher price, but to let buyers know its exclusive. i have plenty of customers who prefer buying the items i imported from oversea then the ones sourced locally because there is less chance of someone else having the same item :) stating 'not restockable' there simply would not suffice. just my 2 cents. any1 agree? :)

  21. Kin : No one is saying its wrong but why bludgeon the buyer for asking where its from

  22. Damn you pathetic buyers.
    Just leave those sellers alone.
    As long as you like the piece of clothes you're getting, then just pay for it.
    I travel alot because I'm a clothing market surveyor.
    It's not true that Thai products are cheap and in low quality. It depends on which part of Thai. If things imported from Bangkok, it's much more expensive and high in quality as compared to the other parts of Thai. And from Korea, you can tell, because they're mostly satin quality. As for HK products, they are manufactured in China but of higher quality. I don't see anything wrong with getting things which are made in China because American and European products are mostly made in China. The difference in quality is that the Chinese over there are abit stingy and they always try to cut down costs, therefore they're in low quality, SO, don't buy preorders if you're afraid of that. And wholesalers get products which are imported, therefore sellers display their products as imported. Like come on, everything in Malaysia is imported from abroad. Malaysia exports more than import! Have some economic sense people! It's an agriculture country. Seriously, some buyers are just retards.

  23. So what the hell is wrong in asking from where? I dont see it as something a retard would do. I think u're the pathetic one. Honestly, i dont even know that things from Korea are mostly satin quality. So is it wrong to ask?

    There is a difference between going to a place urself and taking the things directly from there and buying from someone else here although the thing is imported by the other person. Thats what i think all buyers wanna know. U say imported does that mean u go there urself or what? Almost everything here is imported (or labour from other countries) so why just highlight a few as imported?

    Its not only about economic sense, its knowing what u're getting.

  24. peek-a-boo : you're the owner of the 'private korean label' blogshop is it?

  25. Of coz we re nt trying to boycott things frm certain country n doesn't meant clothes frm thai r low in quality. i myself went to bangkok buying large amount of clothes too of cz nt for resale but for myself n upon friends request.ya no doubt, quality wise there r gud n thr r bad, oso they have designer brands like jaspal.It all depends.Its true that most m'sia clothings r imported.

    BUT well,u cant simply judge buyer as retards cz we hav the right to ask its just like buying cosmetic product here u jz cant simply buy u nid to ask wats suitable for ur skin or else u'll end ups speechless.If u dun feel like answering fine jz say 'sorry its private n confidential' bla bla bla.but y wanna get mad.This is a question to ponder, mad at the buyer or mad cz there's sumthin fishy n nt wantin ppl to noe.Business mean Business.u treat ur customer nicely sure thing we will come bec to u.n of cz u wont serve a blacklisted customer urself for a 2nd time its all de same.

  26. All these sellers saying buyers are pathetic/retard/busy body are some what rude dont u think? We're helping them buy stuff and make money and u call us that? I'm not saying that customers are always right so u have to do everything the customer say. I'm saying that we're the ones helping u make money, whats wrong with treating us nicely?

    U're telling us if we like it just buy? Well sorry that some of us would want to know more. If u think the percentage of buyers who are "pathetic/busy body" is very small compared to others who just buy without asking, by all means, ignore us.

    But what u give, u get back. If u answer and treat us nicely i'm sure us buyers would love to buy from u regardless that thing is imported from where. If u ignore us or get angry at us then i can almost be sure that some of us will also get angry at u and stop buying from u.

    But like i said, if u think only like 5-10% are like that and u dont lose anything then ok, do what u want. Keep in mind tho that buyers can tell other buyers about ur lousy service and who knows soon more people will boycott u.

  27. Ok... are we all missing the plot here?

    Yes, buyer has the right to ask where the item is from but in this case, the seller claimed it was from London then Taiwan then KL.

    Stick to the subject la!

  28. hi mind telling me which blog this is from?


  29. uhm...a person has the right to enquire informations on an item that he/she intends to make as own property. customers might not always be right. but as a seller yourself, the very least you could do is to be honest with customers. even if you do not want to give discounts to overly pushy customers, you could say so to them and decline to do business with them.

    calling others retards, pathetics and busybody DO NOT make you look any better. the very least you could do is to save that little dignity for yourself. in fact, it's just a slap to your own face when you're taking buyers as retards thinking that they would buy in to your so called imported goods.