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Let's play Multiple questions

I know that is it normal for buyer asking question like discount or details about item, I have a case that same buyer asking me same question to almost every bag that i m selling for few months.

Case 1
Buyer: Hi, do you give discount for this bag?
Me: Hi, ok, i can give you RM?? discount.
Few hours later, asking question about another bag
Buyer: Hi, how about this one?
Me: Hi, for this one, I can give you RM?? discount.

....... Almost everyday same question but different bag. Every time I have new bag listed, she will ask the same question and after few months asking same question, she did not buy any bag.

Case 2
This buyer is asking question about bag color that I CLEARLY stated the color and have photo about the real item too. But still i will answer politely.

Buyer: Hi could u pls describe the colour on the bag? I'm looking for Brown.
Me: No, it is Light Tan. Please read the description, clearly stated the color, thanks.
...... Few hours later, different bag but is about color too
Buyer: Do you have this in brown?
Me: Sorry, we only have this color.
.......then, still keep asking the bag color but different bag. Our email conversation regarding bag color started on January.
While this buyer keep asking, i have new item coming, and finally have brown bag, and question come again. Still the same buyer.
Buyer: Is this Dark Brown?
Me: No, it is Coffee Brown.
...few days later
Same bag again
Buyer: May i know material and any cell phone pocket.
Me: Bla bla bla bout material and explain have zipper pocket can fit cell phone ( even though i already attached the photo of the bag inside, but still asking, listing clearly stated have 1 zipper pocket inside too)
....after 1-2 weeks later
Buyer: Is this bag in Dark Brown or Mahogany Brown, and is there a cell phone pocket?
Me (@#$%^&*): Hi, I have replied your question last few weeks. ( sorry i am totally cannot stand it anymore)
Buyer: But how about the cell phone pocket???
Me: ..............@.@"
Maybe I should just answer I have just burned the bag....pissed @#%&*


  1. I personally would not have layanned her anymore if you know that she's just playing around with you and wasting your time. Since, she's been doing it for awhile, you can always just sell the bag to somebody else n tell her the item is already reserved for somebody else

  2. which c**** go and slap seller? LOL.