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Too young then dont la

There was this customer, she wanted to get this blazer from my blogshop. Since it was the last piece, she asked me to reserve it for her and I agreed to give her the weekend to bank in.

I waited till Monday and she still has not made payment, so I emailed her:
"hey dear, are you still interested in the item as Ive not received any payment from you yet. Please reply me as soon as you can, thanks."

She replied me on Tues:
"oh hey yes I still want it, but can u reserve it for another week? Cos i don't have the time to go bank yet."

"Oh okay sure thing dear, but please make payment by Sunday otherwise the item will be released on Monday."

Waited till Sunday, still no payment. So as I've given her over a week to make payment and she failed to do so, I released the item to the next customer in line. She paid for it immediately and the item is labelled as sold out.

Then the earlier buyer sent me an email:
"hey! I thought you said you'll reserve it for me? It's sold out now?"

"Yeah well according to the previous email I sent you, I told you to make payment by Sunday otherwise the item will be released. I'm sorry dear."

"Im only 15! I need my mom's bank account to make payment, but she isn't free."

"I wasn't aware of that, but I did give you two weekends to make payment. Im sorry but maybe you could find something else which would interest you?"

"Yes, but I still need my mom's bank account to make payment and she won't be free if you don't give me more time. I'm underage some more, very hard to shop online."

At this point I stopped replying her ridiculous emails.

Sorry honey but business is business.
And if you're under-aged and you find it so hard to shop online, please shop in a shopping mall.
It's for all ages.


  1. Slap buyer! It's nothing personal, it's just business. If you want something online, you have to be able to pay it almost immediately. It is EXPECTED of you to pay immediately!

  2. it's pathetic how she keeps using age as an excuse.

    and if i'm having a bad day, i'll become more bitter about my own age.

  3. I've been shoppingonline since i was in highschool! 4 years ago. And I still could make payments, Not free for 14 days meh? i dont understand why she cant just go to a bank and make a deposit.instead of aking her mum to do it. must be really spoilt not to know how to use the bank machines.

    Its almost as ridiculous as going to a shopping mall store and telling them to reserve an item because your mother didnt give you allowancce yet.

  4. yes is not fair for the seller and other buyers who wish to have the item too..

  5. its tooo PAINFULLY OBVIOUS that her mother doesnt know that she's screwing around with her back account or maybe still in the process of persuading her mum lah!

  6. I'm a seller and i hv facing this kind of issue before as well. The buyer keep telling me to reserve for her and she only able to make payment after PMR exam.. so means the reservation will be like 1month++.. End up i said sorry to her and pls make order again after her exam if the dress still available in my blog. How i know after her exam she will backout right?.. I just don't want to take the risk.