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Not as you advertised

There's one heels that I've bought from a well-known store, and it claimed to be the one in the pictures. And so I believed, and i even double check it with her, and she said "Yes" to it.

When I received the item, the shoes are not the one in the pics, and the quality seriously sucks. I've always hated China's stocks as shoes from there always have one kind of weird, strong smell.

The sole was red, Christian Louboutin inspired. Worn it for the first day and the colour went off and now part of it is black.



  1. Malaysia's very own Christian Labontot

  2. i don't like those smelly shoes as well. that's why i always specifically ask sellers whether or not they have tht kinda strong pvc smell(bags too!) before buying it.

  3. mail me? wanna know which blogshop so i can avoid, thanks :)