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If all buyers are like this, I will go bankrupt

I am running a preorder blogshop and in December 2009, there was this customer who ordered 16 items at 1 go from me. I was really happy coz it's a really big business so I gave her a huge discount as well.

She was happy but asked me if she could pay at on 1st January 2010 when her bonus comes in. I told her she can (as the preorder closes on 1st Jan itself).

She replied, "great!! thank u so much xxx,
once i make a payment, i will email or sms u.
thank u. . ."

On the next few days, she proceeded to edit her orders and canceled some but also added some new items so I calculated the total again for her.

On the 1st of January, I smsed her to remind her to make payment. She replied me "Im sorry for not reply ur sms, im at hometown right now, my father just died. im so sorry, i will inform u later when i have made payment =(

I was very sympathetic and I told her that I am willing to accept 50% of the total payment first. And she can make the remaining payment when the items arrive 4 weeks later. That's the least i can do for her as a seller and as a human being.

Her reply: "Hye xxx, thank u so much for ur help, but im very sorry to tell u that im only able to make payment after 16 jan when i go back to my house. right now our family is having tahlil for 14days. it is hard for me to transfer the money because there is no internet here. when i manage to go back to my house, i will settle the payment. really2 sorry for this incident. once i bank in the payment, i will inform u the amount. dun worry, im a serious and genuine buyer"

Since she said it will take at least 14 days for her to make payment, the preorder will have already closed. But since she said that she is "a serious and genuine buyer", I submitted her orders and paid my supplier in full for the items anyway.

After 14 days, I smsed her to remind her about the payment.
No reply from her.
I waited for another 3 days and smsed her again.
Again, no reply from her.

When the items arrived, I smsed and emailed her to inform and asked her to make the payment as I will be posting it out to her the next day.

No reply.
I called her.
No answer.
I called again.
She shut off her phone.

FML to the max.

In the end, I sold off all the items as ready stock in my blog.

Moral of the story:
Never ever place orders for buyers who have not paid any deposit at all.

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  1. Are you really that innocent? No money no talk! ;p