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The annoying WANNABE model's portfolio

I personally think 3 pix maximum. Front, side & back. Better still, 1 collage of the 3 angles.
Dont you just hate it when blogshops place up to 8 pix of the same things.

~ How it looks like if my butt swings to the left
~ How it looks like if you see my armpits
~ How it looks like if one leg is on the chair
~ How it looks like if I look at the ceiling
~ How it looks like if I held a flower
~ How it looks like if I lie down on the floor
~ How it looks like if I make a peace sign

My mouse wheel is falling off... then I see at the bottom, SOLD OUT
Keep your portfolio at home. Stop wasting my time.


  1. Thanks for this! I hate blogshops like this. This one blogshop posts like 5 pics of her posing differently but 3 of them showing the front and the other 2 showing the side. I mean, if u post up to 5 pics at least show every angle lah. I dont need to see the front 3 times while u pretend to look to the left, adjust ur hat and make a surprised face. I want to see the dress!

  2. aGRee. show off the dress, dont show off yourself. too much pose esp the weird2 pose (lie down, sitting, bowing pose, etc) definitely make the dress hard to see!

  3. got bowing pose?? i know got surprised face and pretend to look everywhere one.

  4. Yes...finally someone posted this up .
    Some blogshop are showing off themselves more than those dress !
    Same colour , same dress, but up to 7-8 pic, with/out hat, with/out specs,different background, etc.
    Its just waste our time. If u want to b a model, go get lost somewhere else
    we don't want to see ur face and lame post, we just want the dress !

  5. LOL! Buyers slapped.
    Must be the type of sellers we're talking about who slapped buyers...

    I prefer to see headless pics. Focusing more on the clothes. Front, back, side, and some close-up details.

    More pics = more time to load = time wasted = potential buyer pissed off and leave site :p

  6. I steer clear of sellers modeling the clothes themselves most of the time. I have this paranoia I can't shake that they'll send me the clothes that have been worn.

  7. Haha, if I see blogshops like those, I'll steer clear of them to be honest.

  8. exactly!! i don't get what's their point!

    even got this blogshop that their models were choosen for modelling or something and they're so proud they posted more pictures of her and made a special post. so bangga! WTFWTF!

    and i've even seen a blogshop taking outrageously sexy pictures which almost showed her nipples O.o" what a coincidence that my brother passed by to see what i was doing that time and he called me a perv =.= wth?! i was trying to focus on the dress she was wearing! its just so frustrating T.T

    and i hate it when the pictures are edited too much, which makes them look AWFULLY FAKE.

    kudos to the writer of this post!!!

  9. dislike and slap the model who likes to do the "over-bend" pose. its annoying when the model cant stand properly and pose straight.

  10. Oh that 'over-bend' pose!!! Looks like she's having a bad stomach ache in need of a dump.

  11. Dear sellers,
    Dont model the dress that you intend to sell by modeling it on the grass or grounds or with d pets around you. SO SO UNHYGIENIC.

  12. considerate shopaholicFebruary 19, 2010 at 9:49 PM

    Agree with Anonymous

    "Dear sellers,
    Dont model the dress that you intend to sell by modeling it on the grass or grounds or with d pets around you. SO SO UNHYGIENIC."

    I especially despise sellers who model the clothes outdoors, ie: on the grass, grounds, bricks, etc coz it may ruin the clothes!

    And with pets, especially dogs... please be more considerate. I'm not a muslim but I feel bad for the muslim buyers.
    If ever they are interested in certain clothes, but being modeled with dogs/puppies, pity them, can't buy for some reasons...

  13. so true about the pets. i wanted to buy a very cheap and pretty dress but there was a cat sitting on it! and the seller even wrote something like "thats my cat she likes to pose too" or whatever like this. i know its cute but seriously? please dont.

  14. I'm a seller. My friends asked me why I put headless pic instead of the whole pic. Sometimes, they even told me to put on makeup to make it nicer. I guess I'm too ugly without makeup. So is it necessary? My point is to show the clothes not me.

  15. I dont mind headless or full, point is, dont upload so many pix per outfit. All you need is ONE money shot.

  16. This post is the best...
    salute to the writer!!
    take note to who feel ouch!!

  17. After reading so many comments, i think i need to make a statement as to why some sellers does that (several shots of 1 product) to be fair. Agree when it comes to clothing, too many shots is not necessary. But the same cannot be said for other items i feel.

    I am a blogshop owner selling various kinds of things from clothes to accessories. I do notice that customers tend to request for more pictures when it comes to items such as shoes, bags and accessories as different views/angles (when worn, up close, front, back etc) helps them in deciding the purchase. So lets not generalize too many pictures is not necessary to all products. Some do need more pictures for your own benefit!

  18. yeah, additional pic might necessary but dont upload all those posing-posing pics too much. its annoying to keep scrolling down the whole tons of pics. i believe if d seller took a good n clear pic, they wont ask any extra pic.

  19. hahaha this is by far my fav slap story!

    I'm a buyer and seller. As buyer, I prefer to buy clothes that are not worn by models but mannequins instead. Imagine the models wear the clothes and shoot pics under the blazing sun (for nicer pics, real colours, blah blah), they definitely will sweat in those clothes. So ewwww..

    And as seller, I model the clothes on mannequins and provide measurements for customers =)

  20. conclusion-
    man are/never will be satisfied..
    when the seller only post up 1/2 pics...YOU BUYERS NGAM NGAM CHAM CHAM & COMPLAIN
    when the seller post too many pics...
    swt. jst gv the sellers a break lah! if you dun like the way the seller pose n all,jst send her the email & tell her.easy as that.

    SWT much?

  21. unfortunately, eventho many ppl in this post hate over bending models, too showy models. all of this blogshop sell their clothes faster than other blog! :( they said more professional.urgh.. so how???

  22. who are they??seller..model or buyer??
    over bend model is really big no-no..your breast and longkang not up for sale anyway..just stand straight..back bone problem is it??
    talking about professional??viewer is not Tyra Banks kay..put all the pose photo is your facebook..get the clear photo from a good angle will just nice to do the trick.bend over..leg on the wall..even turning upside down might showing a nice pose of the clothes.but you don't want to get a feed back like "It's not as nice as in the pic"...How pro is that!!??