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Paris Hilton, is that you??

I had this really nice buyer, she enquired about a few of my items and replied me very politely and made super swift payment for all of it.
She didn't even asked for discount for all three items. (a pair of boots, a front zippered bodycon dress, & a bikini)
The 'dream' buyer for most sellers right?

That's what I thought before I found out she's actually psychotic too.

Our conversation after items have been mailed out:

Buyer: Hey dear, I just received my items today and I'm so happy, they're so nice!
Me: Good to hear that, was pleasure doing business with you.
Buyer: Really?
Me: Haha yeap, you're like the dream customer for sellers like me.  XD
Buyer: Ooo.. Gotta look hot this CNY ma. :D
Me: Yup, I bet you will. Happy CNY in advance. :)
Buyer: Awww your so sweet, thanks dear.

That was how our last conversation went, it was 4 days before CNY.
Suddenly, 2 days before CNY, she sent me an email again.
With attachments.

All she wrote was:
" You can bet I would look HOT this CNY *wink wink* "

And attached were images of her, modelling my items.
- Buyer wearing the dress & boots (and some weird head piece)
- Buyer unzipping the dress
- Buyer with unzipped dress & boots, showing the bikini under it
- Buyer with only bikini & boots
- Buyer on bed with bikini (and a sparkly tiara)


Okayyy, I so didn't need to see all that. And her poses were very very provocative.
What is she trying to say?
I didn't reply cos I was so shocked & a little traumatized. I deleted the email right away and emptied my trash.

Then the next day:
Buyer: How did you like it?
Me: *no reply*

The day after:
Buyer: Why aren't you replying? You don't like it?
Me: *no reply*

The day after:
Buyer: It's so rude that you're not replying me.
Me: *fed up* It's rude that you sent me such provocative photos.
Buyer: You said I'd look hot so I just wanted to show you.
Me: I never said so, I was just being polite. Thanks but no thanks. I've deleted them btws.
Buyer: You've just wasted my time & energy posing all of that.
Me: I never requested for you to do so. Please stop replying me.
Buyer: And to think I thought you were a better person.
Me: *blocks buyer's emails*

I seriously don't know what to make of this situation.
What kind of gesture was that? It's so weird in so many degrees and so bizarre on so many levels.
She's either too full of herself, or she's crazy.
I think she's both.


  1. hahhaha i think she was hitting on you.=) gross though!!

  2. this story gave me goosebumps.

  3. Er..want vomit..not shame..maybe she is something wrong in her mind..

  4. Dang sista! You should have kept those pix. Those are Facebook classics!!!

  5. haha , maybe she was trying to being friendly, maybe thats the way she's being friendly but yeah,it turned out..wrong haha.

  6. posing in bikini on the bed is not friendly at all! haha this story gimme the creeps ok..scary lorr,i hope the seller didnt get nightmares =P

  7. so bizarre! hahaha. seller, are you a girl or a guy? :p

  8. i think maybe she tot u r a guy. thats y she pose like dat. or maybe she just came out from mental hospital.

    me seriously need a slap.


  10. I think she thought you are a guy, that's why. LOL!

    Was she hot btw? LOL! Slapped me.

  11. I think when you said she was your dream customer in some way she thought you meant as in she was your dream girl and when you said she would look hot during CNY something clicked in her mind causing her to share her poses with you!

  12. This is the seller who posted this story btws.
    I'm a girl, not a guy. And I'm sure she can tell cos I posed for all of the photos on my blog. So she's either 'not straight' or.. she's really just freakishly obscene. O.O

  13. Hahahahahahahahahaha

  14. LOL...could have sent the pics to gutteruncensored...think this is the best story so far..laughed my guts out...Loving the crazy sellers n buyers....

  15. desperado for compliments, I suppose.

  16. when you said shes ur dream customer.
    buyer: oOO..
    when you agree that she will look hot
    buyer:starts to touch herself..

  17. Oh I wanna know who the seller is!! haha

  18. Holy cow!! all of you guys' comments and of course THIS POST seriously making me laughed out loud..almost fell outta my chair!!! You people rox!!!! hahahahahahahahah!!!!!!

  19. haha hilarious...pathetic! hahaha..u shud have really bad dream..

  20. LMAO

    Some people are really desprete for attention. so kesian wan...

  21. no really, was she hot? not that i'm being a perv or anything it's just that if she wasn't pleasant looking then i guess you're doubly traumatized. but if she's

  22. I m kind of a money perspective kind of person.
    If I were in ur shoes, I would continue a formal conversation with her just so to get the most money out of her, besides, it's only business.
    I m not trying to defend her nor am I against you and I m nobody to tell you what to do.
    Just my 1cent worth of advice, it's business and I would definitely squeeze her money dry =P
    But yeah, if you r a girl, u ought to watch ur back