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Not a mind reader

I'm abit of an impulsive online shopper.
And many times i get items online that cant fit/dont look good on me/etc etc
And I do what most girls do in this situation.
Post it up on shopping gazebo with my email attached. :)
What sort of annoys me is interested buyers always email me saying

"Is it still available?"
"Which one are you referring to?"
"The dress"
"Which dress?"

I'm sure many SG re-sellers go through this and normally its okay, but on this particular day I actually got 5 emails that said the same thing.
"Is it still available?"

Please state which piece you are interested in!! PLEASE!


  1. Oh I feel you sista! Its amazing how these people think we know what they're talking about or know who they are.

  2. I know, happened to me too! But then i realized that some of my posts are not together, u know maybe dress #1 posted two weeks ago, dress #2 posted two days ago so the posts are far apart.

    Some buyers dont know that we sell more than one item. So dont be too angry at them ya? After all, they're doing us a favour buying and helping us clear off things we cant fit :)

  3. Exactly SG seller, i dont mind all the questions as long as they paid and rid me of things that i cant fit. So ask away..

  4. U're such an ungrateful person. Be thankful that FIVE people are interested in your item. Some have to wait weeks before any of their items are sold. Not all potential buyers know u sell multiple items ok.