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** I am also not married to Grissom hence I have no CSI knowledge to know which story is true or not. I am only your cut & paste typist.


Just to clarify to buyers, if you are interested in purchasing something and you have emailed or asked the seller at the chatbox, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM BOX! Our email may have unfortunately gone there!

Don't go around blaming the seller in case the item you want is sold out, we already sent you an email! :X


  1. Erhmmm... Cannot say that also la. Lets be real, not all seller emails end up in the spam box. I think chances are higher when it comes to seller overselling than the spambox issue. Right?

  2. Been selling for 3 years now and not once have i received anything in my spam box other than the usual Viagra emails.

    Not true la. Maybe once in a while if you're really unlucky.

  3. Well it's true for me.

    Sometimes I do get the mails end up in spam box. So I make it a point to check both inbox and spam box too just in case.
    I wouldn't want to miss out on a certain item just because I was lazy to check spam box and expect all mails to land in my inbox lol. :p

  4. I've gotten emails in my spambox a few times as well so it's not really a big deal. Buyers should be thorough and check everywhere in their mail before bothering the sellers. Not really anyone's fault I think :p, except if buyers too lazy to check their spambox.