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PJ - KL : Please take your passport

I saw a blogshop owner at the wholesale place in KL stocking up on handbags. 2 days later, I saw her update the same handbags on her blog but she wrote there "NOT RESTOCKABLE ~ ALL STOCKS FROM OVERSEAS"

PJ to KL is overseas ah?


  1. i REALLY stock up overseasFebruary 4, 2010 at 9:30 PM

    Kannasai... why u all slapping the buyer?? The seller is so unethical wei!

  2. I take it these buyer slappers are sellers who DO fake their stocks as import goods.

    Didnt your mama teach you not to lie!!!

  3. those wholesale item are not from malaysia... none!!.. unless u design it ur self... so basically the seller is rite those item ARE FROM OVERSEAS!!...


  4. Eh tolong la! You purchased the stock in Malaysia so its NOT IMPORTED.

    Status of stocks are from the port of purchase. Your supplier bought them from China, then it imported. Once in Malaysia, you purchase it locally so its not imported.

    Grow some business brains la.

    If you yourself went overseas to buy the stocks to bring back to Malaysia, then its imported.

    PORT OF PURCHASE stupid!

  5. But the seller is quite true.. most stock are from overseas.. only sellers bought it from local supplier

  6. haha i guess i know which site are you referring to. always tell that their items are exclusive, imported, limited edition, exclusively manufactured and stuffs like that. i mean, whattaheck right? but then if you can find the stuffs at most blogshops for cheaper price, you still wanna call it limited edition?


    please use better psychological ways to gain customers next time.

    anyhooo, belilah barangan buatan malaysia -.-"

  7. local suppliers get their stocks from overseas. If the item is not MADE IN MALAYSIA, they are FROM OVERSEAS AND NON-RESTOCKABLE!!!!

  8. time ..please put there..
    "we getting it from local supplier but our local supplier got it from oversea.."
    Don't lie..after you mouth will stink like sh**!!

  9. you're not importing yourself no? you're just getting it from local suppliers. yes, they are getting it from other places, but does that make you an importer as well? no, it doesn't. do yourself a favour by not stooping that low, abusing the technical term for 'imported'. you're just driving your customers away.