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Metric FAIL

I posted a bracelet for sale with the description ~ Measures 7". I got an email "Can you measure the bracelet for me pls?"

Somehow no one taught this poor girl that " meant inches... and she's from Monash University. Makes me wonder what the college entry level is nowadays.


  1. Hahahaha!! I'm guessing all those slapping the seller are Monash students!!

    Dont blame the messenger woi...

  2. Oh my God I totally get this more than once! I'm a seller and I always state the measurement of items but there are customers who would still ask the measurement. How DUMB is that??!

    And yeah, I do think all the 'slap seller' are Monash Uni students..hahahaha..could be the buyer doing all the slapping..hahaha =P

  3. Slapping the seller, but I'm not from Monash :D

    We sellers should just answer our customers nicely, right?? Not everyone knows everything!

  4. dear cheapprettythings..
    it already stated measurement 7"..
    which part you still don't know about the measurement??
    poor you!!