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1) I ordered a custom print tank top. The illustration was just to die for but I died when I got the item. The screen print promised was just in fact an iron on. CHEAP iron on. Cost me USD$28. I asked for a refund and they send me a Singapore cheque! I dont know why they couldnt just refund me via paypal cos I paid with paypal.

2) I pre-ordered a pair of super expensive boots from Singapore and they promised me I'll get it in 3 weeks via registered airmail. After 4 weeks, I finally got around to asking where the hell my boots were and the bitch told me it was sent out a week ago via normal mail. NOT EVEN AIRMAIL!

"Oh we normally just send out using normal mail cos its very safe in Singapore"

"But I'm not in Singapore and I paid for registered airmail"

"Yeah but we got taxed heavily for the shoes so we had to make up for the lost"

"That's not fair. You should have told me. I'd gladly pay the extra cos normal mail will never reach Malaysia. Further more, its not my problem you got taxed. I paid for registered airmail"

"We dont care how Malaysian postal service works. We just dont want to lose money"

"I want my money back... The shoe is missing"

"Oh thats not our problem"

"You took my money for registered airmail and now you lost my shoes using normal mail and its not your problem?? This is fraud!"

"Eh... what fraud? I'll sue you! My boyfriend is a lawyer,ok?"

Little did she know, my friend is a police officer in Singapore. I lodge a report and screwed that bitch over for what she did to me. He says it happens alot in Singapore. Sheesh...

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