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No refunds but I guarantee more shit

Once, a seller refuse to refund my money due to her "no refund policy" and she forced me to pick her freebies instead.

Some of the freebies choices are ;
1. A Packet of pens (which i already received during my purchase and not all of the pen works!)
2. An XS thin tank top. (I'm M size)
3. Key chain/s.
4. Assorted Mini Stickers
5. Cheap and un-brand nail polish.
6. Basic Hair accessories.
7. Colorful Memo Pad
8. Small Notebooks.

G R E A T.
I just spent my hard earn money just to get more rubbish.

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  1. Lol, i had encounter this once. My freebies was a handphone pouch tat doesn't fit my hp~