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2 BZ 4 U

I think Im a quite nice/patient buyer and some seller just dont know how to appreciate it.

I sms-ed this girl cuz since she wrote in her blog that I will get quick reply. She does reply pretty quick and I told her i wanted to buy this item and immediately she said yes. I went to the bank the next day to bank in the money but 3 days later she replied that it was sold out.

She asked me for my acc number so that she can return my money and she even offered a discount the next time i buy stuff from her.

I didnt want to trouble her so i picked another item from her blog. She replied ok, that item is in stock but she took ages to reply.

I told myself to be patient. She's probably busy with college or whatever. She said she would send it the next 2 days, so i waited.

FOR ONE WHOLE WEEK! no no, not included weekends!
Her reply was "oh i already ask my bf to send it, i dont know the tracking no."

When she finally did give me the tracking no, I found out she parcel was sent the date I sms her asking for it.

If you're so busy why set up a damn blogshop!

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  1. agreed, some people r...busy sgt konon..huh! how la they going to be succesful businesswoman mcm ni? >;(