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Reward for missing RM5

I bought a top at this blogshop. total is RM45. since i'm using cash deposit and they don't accept RM1 and RM5, i have to bank in extra which is RM50. the seller told me that she will provide the balance in my parcel. yes, its always like that. so i don't mind.

So when my parcel arrived, the top was nice but i didn't get my balance of RM5. i told her to transfer to my account instead. She said that it wasn't her fault. She tried to convince me that she really put the balance inside my parcel. She asked me to check properly and so i did. Again, and again. Its clear that the balance is nowhere to be seen. Not in the parcel. Means she forgot to put it together.

Then she told me that she's currently outstation, and the one who sent the parcel to me was her friend but she told me earlier that it was her that put the balance in my parcel?!

Confused O.o"

And now i just can't find a way to make her transfer the balance to my account. not being fussy over RM5, just that her attitude makes me sick -,-

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  1. I've experienced that before, RM5 also XD The envelope was torn when I received the package. Item there, change gone lol!