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Gong Xi Fa Cai too soon

I've been buying products from this online shop quite frequently over the past two months as I'm running a business overseas and she's my supplier. I've probably ordered more than 10 times from her, each time being over RM100, totalling up to more than RM1000. You would think any reasonable blogshop owner would appreciate a regular customer right? WRONG.

I placed an order with her early last week, but she told me most of the products I ordered are out of stock at the moment and they'll be restocking within Tues to Fri this week. So yesterday(Thursday, 4th Feb), I mailed her to confirm my pending order. She invoiced me with the total and banking details at 11.46p.m 4th Feb. I made the payment last night, obviously after 12am. Received no email reply from her till today, so I texted her just now.

She replied saying, so sorry, we are taking a CNY break from 5th-20th Feb and all orders with payments made from 5th Feb onwards will only be sent out after the 20th. If you're unwilling to wait I will refund your money.

I mean, come on. First of all, you gave me NO WARNING NO NOTICE at all that you were gonna take a CNY break and payment has to be made before the 5th. Secondly, it is pretty much common sense that if you invoice me at 11.46p.m it's pretty likely I'm gonna pay after 12am right? Did she bother to leave a note in her invoice to make payment by 12am? NOPE. Plus, I'm a regular customer, and she knew I had a pending order with her. Any reasonable seller should have mailed me regarding the order to warn me about the break.

Now she says that she always treats her customers as top priority but the decision was only made yesterday so no notice could be given. URGHHHHH. Maybe you don't mind pissing your customers off but I don't like doing that to mine! :(


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