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There's this pretty leggings going for only RM36. i inquired about it and i opt for pos express. since pos express have gone from RM4 to RM4.50, total will be RM40.50.

I'm using cash deposit machine and as you know they don't accept less than RM10. so i asked her to round up to RM40. but instead the seller asked me to bank in RM50, and she'll return the balance in my parcel.

Troubling me to pay extra RM10, and troubling her to provide small change inside my parcel for RM9.50, just for the sake of not giving me 50 cents off?!?! i think that's quite ridiculous. so i cancelled my order.

Makes herself looks extra cheapo because she refused to give me 50 cents off. 50 cents is too much for a buyer to ask for discount is it? or maybe you want to use that 50 cents to buy yourself a life?


  1. please lah come on.. If you say it's just 50 cents why dont you pay it then? If the seller want to go through the hassle of putting the change of rm9.50 then let her. Maybe you should try to ask the post office to give you a 50 cent discount when you buy the rm4.50 envelope and see what will they tell you.

  2. OK I'm a seller but I'm with the buyer on this. Just give her the 50¢ discount la!

    I've given customers up to RM3 discounts before just because its a hassle for both parties.

    Losing 50¢ wont kill you babe

  3. if i could then i would have transferred the 50 cents okay?

    but if it troubles me to go to the bank and ask the officer to transfer 50 cents to her account then wouldn't they just laugh off me? i didn't asked much really, it was only 50 cents! -.-"

    by losing 50 cents then you lose all your profit is it? waaa..

  4. 50 cents is still money. n its up to her whether to give it. or not.
    dun be such a bitch buyer dearest.

  5. I'm not a seller, but come on, let's try to think in their shoes sometimes.
    If all of the customers refuse to pay 50cents, I'm pretty sure the seller will lose a lot too...