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Define Vintage

A funny conversation with a buyer...

Buyer: Hi, I'd like 3 pcs of item xxx.
Seller: Sorry dear, the dress has just been sold. Better luck next time!
Buyer: Will you restock item xxx?
Seller: Sorry dear, vintage items are not restockable.
Buyer: Where do you buy it from? I can go and buy myself. You're not restocking right?
Seller: My collection are imported from Japan, UK and US. FYI, all items are usually one-off.
Buyer: Oh, really..??


  1. i hate it when sellers say "better luck next time!" or something like this.. what? is it a competition and we lose? just apologizing would be enough and nice.

  2. I really hate it when buyers ask the sellers where they get their stocks from. If I tell you, then you might as well be a seller as well. Be a competitor too, why don't you? Tsk tsk tsk.

  3. yeahh i agree. its clearly stated that the item is vintage one, but the buyers still asking for other size or restockable or not.
    and one more, they will ask is it preloved or brand new? find the meaning of vintage please. no offence. cheers! :)

  4. i know this post is long time ago, but i can't help posting this comment. i think vintage primary definition is "of old, recognized and enduring interest, importance or quality." or it can be used to describe things as old, old-fashioned, classical. so tell me why vintage clothes are non-restockable? no offence too, but i do think that u have to check the meaning of vintage too, before telling others to do so.