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try NOT test

Another bazaar incident.

Buyer : Hi.. can i try this?
Seller : Sure.. no problem.

She tried on the shorts, for nearly 25 minutes walking around the whole bazaar wearing the shorts she tried on my from my shop.

Me n my partners all wondering, 'she better be buying those damn shorts!'

Buyer : How much is this?
Seller : Its Rmxx
Buyer : Got discount ah?
Seller : ok la i give u Rmxx.
Buyer : hmmmm... i'll think about it.

Then she never came back!

Helllooo, if u don't want to buy, then don't try la the damn thing! Some more have the nerve to walk around in those damn shorts for practically half an hour!

1 comment:

  1. I wanna slap buyer but then again, she didnt buy!!! So its an LOL!

    I would have ripped that damn shorts off her in public.

    So did she steal it?