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And she keeps on trying

I only do COD near my house which is at Kelana Jaya. I make no exceptions. ONLY Kelana Jaya as stated in my blog.

Few months back, a buyer made an order and requested for COD.

'So when would you like to COD? I can meet you anytime at Giant Kelana Jaya'
'Oh I work in Mid Valley. Can I meet you there?'
'Sorry, I only COD at Kelana Jaya'
'I cant make it to Kelana Jaya, its too far. Why cant you come to me?'
'Because its equally far to travel to Mid Valley for me as Kelana is too far for you'
'You have a car right?'
'Huh? Thats quite irrelevant. I cant go to Mid Valley. Even if I do agree, I have to charge you RM6'
'Wah, might as well i pay for postage then'
'Erhm yes, so would you prefer postage?'
'No, its too expensive. What time can you come to Mid Valley then?'
'No, I wont be going to Mid Valley unless you pay extra'
'How can you charge extra for COD? COD is always free ma'
'COD is free if you meet me at Kelana Jaya. If I lived near Mid Valley, then yeah its free. You get what I'm saying?'
'Oh ok so what time to meet in Mid Valley?'

At this rate, I was really tempted to go Mid Valley to meet this dumb blonde and kick her face in...

No, I didnt go Mid Valley afterall. I told her to keep her money for brain surgery.


  1. I meet someone like this too, forcing people for COD when I've already staed in my T&C that I don't offer COD!!!