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Slap you 10 times over

Another blogshop owner bought something from me recently. In my terms & conditions, it is clearly stated that my postage charges includes the cost of handling.

When she received the item, she accused me of stealing RM1 from her cos the postage was RM3.50 but I charged RM4.50.

I explained to her thats the handling charges.

REPLY : "Huh?? What's HANDLING mean?"



  1. "Shipping" is a better way to say it. Some people don't get it and including me soo you shall use other familar term and be cautious with people's knowledge/understanding.

  2. Shipping means postage. Handling means all other cost like packaging, petrol, parking.

    Big difference la Lola...

  3. Dang!

    If you're an online seller and you DONT know what shipping & handling is then you should think about getting a new job. BASIC knowledge la. SLAP SLAP SLAP!!

  4. I think its kind of LEBIH to charge handling fee. Why dont you include the handling fee in the items you're selling? This way the buyers wont be annoyed of having to pay extra bucks and they wont get confused too. To be honest, alot of buyers look at your stuff first rather than reading the terms & condition first.

  5. you're just a normal seller who sells in a blog ans u wana charge handling fee? that's too much! even the famous blogs never charge any handling fee!