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Calling MIA Aussie

When we first started our blogshop, sales isn't good at all. Then a customer came and ordered 3 dresses from us but she's in Aust at the moment and requested to pay through paypal. Sadly we do not accept paypal and she said she will be back after few months for holiday therefore at the same time she will pay and get the dresses. We were not sure if we should reserve the dresses for her for around 5 months, then she convinced us by begging & promising that she will surely come back and get the dresses.

5 months later and we mailed her. Great, she's back in M'sia. She asked for our bank details and promised to bank-in within 3 days. After 4 days of waiting, we mailed her again to make sure she has made the payment but no reply. A week later, her reply finally came and she said sorry because she's busy preparing for Christmas. We gave her another 3 days to settle the payment but there were no news after the dateline. We mailed her so many times after that but she just ignored us.

If you were to back out, please! At least let us know! You are the one begging us to reserve the dresses for you and made your own promise to us! Sounded so nice pleasing us some more. Gosh! Got so pissed off with her!

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