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Dont tell everyone I'm lying

This particular blogshop keeps advertising at most adbox with the "just updated! we have bodycons, zipper dresses and more!" kinda post. this goes on for two weeks until i saw someone posted on HER shoutmix box that she shouldn't mislead people by saying she just updated when the last update was two weeks ago.

i told her the same, "yup, don't mean to be rude but i've been visiting ur blog quite a number of times to check out the new updates but all i see are the old ones. maybe u can omit the 'just updated' and just list the items u have?"
since my email is already there and i didnt think what i said if entirely wrong, i just left it. a few hours later i got this email.

"how the hell am i supposed to get customers to come to my blog if i dont say i just update?? when i say got new stock i see my nuffnang traffic high so my income oso higher! u dont busy body about me! not every1 knows i'm lying ok?"


  1. hi, maybe you can tell us what is the name of the blog? So we know what kind of service they produce and think twice before buying from them. Thanks.

  2. Got to kowtow to her 'honesty'. orz