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I saw several items on eBay that I wanted to buy for my friend, but all of them had different auction durations. I asked the seller if I could combine shipping for all of them. He said okay, so I started bidding. The last item took about a week, and I initially lost the bid but I got a second chance. Too bad I had already paid for the other two.

I asked him if I could have that item combined with the previous purchases and he said yes. I bought that from him and requested an invoice so I could get combined shipping, and I got a NEW invoice with the original shipping charges without any discount. I mailed him several times to correct the mistake but there was no reply.

Several days later I got a notification saying that he had already posted the two items I had paid for at first. WTF! I immediately told him I wanted to cancel the purchase because there's no way in hell I was gonna pay for additional shipping. But he never replied until almost a week later.

So not buying stuff on eBay from China or Hong Kong again.

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