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Chope... Am I suppose to feel sorry for you?

This girl fei kei me twice on COD. I was damn pissed and she never answered her calls or sms. Finally I got one sms from her a week later saying

"Sorry I cannot buy the clothes anymore cos I just broke up with my boyfriend"

Got logic??


  1. LOL! x10000

    Please have a LOL button too! This made my day!

  2. This blog is gonna be a blog for great jokes. Love it!

  3. Wah Thank you Thank you for the support. Keep the slaps coming in.

    *Ris Low RAWKS*

  4. this blog is a really cool idea! very hilarious :D

  5. Erhm... someone left a comment here with a name which I cannot reveal. Do write me though cos I think we may have hit jackpot.

    Her name has appeared TWICE in emails to me so I'm guessing we found our serial "i broke up with my bf" buyer!

    WRITE TO ME!!!

  6. hey gal, i wrote her name just now

    actually that's not my personal experience with her, i know that from a seller ( i think is the one who wrote this post )

    the seller had mailed all seller regarding this matter quite sometime ago so i guess most of the old seller would know who the gal is

    she do back out with me 1-2 times before and 1 time she mailed me said she at mid valley and ask me do cod with her on the spot but i dun care to bother her lah

  7. The writer of this post said she has never mentioned this to anyone before so I guess its the same girl but different sellers. Ohhh, she's already famous?

  8. then might be a different seller
    yaya, frequent back out buyer.
    u try to google her name

  9. wow...i just opened up a blog shop n hope that this buyer will never know it! can u pls email me the name? thanks!

  10. Can email me the buyer name? in case i get orders from her @@''

  11. hello..

    whats the girl name ya so dat i know if i receive any order form her?


  12. oh email address is ...thaks ya

  13. Hi, i'd like her name and email too please, TQ!