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So Not Hot

There was this hot selling item and this lady had many enquiries but didn't make any reservation. While we're having our Q n A session, the item she wanted was snapped up completely. She was so mad, she gave me a lecture that SHE WOULD HAVE PAID RIGHT AWAY if i have told her its that hot selling.

So fine, i pulled back from a customer (sorry buddy) to give her the honour. She wanted to save on delivery charges, so agreed date and time to meet. She didnt appear. I waited and waited. Even called her few times but she never answered. 1st failed attempt.

Then I dropped her an sms, she said "Ohhh im sorry phone SPOILT."

We arranged for her bf to pick up this time as he stays near to us. When we contact her again, she completely disappear. I happen to get a glimpse of how she look like in gtalk =p

Completely AUNTYISH... sighhhhhhh no pun intended dearies. rest of u ladies are perfect.

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  1. Babe, you should have told her to f** off already when she gave you that hot selling lecture.

    What blardee nonsense!