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Hospital no reception?

I placed my order for pre-ordered sweets from overseas before Christmas. She promised me I will receive them by 25th January. So I waited, like every other pre-ordered stuffs.

On 25th she told me, she's excepting to receive the parcel, but it's not here, she cant do anything about it, and she don't have the tracking number. Promise not fulfilled.

2 days later, she tell me she might receive the sweets today. I couldn't make it for COD so she arranged another date, the next day.

So as arranged, I went to the COD location, waited for an hour, called her at least 20 times and couldn't get her, msn-ed her, emailed her. I sent her a lot of furious text messages pissing off.

Later that day she replied my text messages
Her: I was at the hospital
Me: You could have call/text/msn/email or get someone to do that for you
Her: Sorry, that's all i can say, i cannot do anything about it. *wth? you cant do anything?*

*a lot more here*

Her: I was busy *WTH,were you busy or at the hospital*

HELLO! Petrol not free kay? And i dont have all the time in the world, stuck in the jam to go to the COD location, and not forgetting a hit-and-run accident i've encountered on the same day!

Few days later, she arranged another day, and i am very tempted to tell her "Please do come and not end up at the hospital, if it's really the hospital". This time, she brought her mother along for COD.

Yes now i'm a monster. BOOHOO!

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  1. Oh, I forget to mention, she gave me the wrong order, but I didn't wanna see her again so I just took the goods lol. She didn't even say thank you after I paid!