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Robot Seller

I inquired about an item at this blogshop few days ago. asked her a few questions about the sizing and all. but instead she only replied me with her account number. with no further info about the sizing and answers to my questions.

Again, i asked her whether i can opt for pos express or not. then she did not answer anything, and she replied again with my new total with extra RM8 for postage.

First, i have no idea what kind of postage is she using, and i don't really remember of pos express having an RM8 envelope.

Second, she's based from KL and i'm from KL too, if she's using poslaju so wouldn't it be only RM6?

Its only a dress anyway!

Sellers, if your customers ask you something, please do answer it clearly.

You cannot just shut up and give your account details, expecting your customer will straightly bank in to you without you answering all her inquiries. right?

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