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Reverse Whammy

I ordered a bag from this blog and it was fairly cheap. I live in a hostel so it's hard for me to go out and bank in. One day, I got a ride from my teacher who wanted to go to the bank too. I was damn happy cause I was really scared that if I don't bank in asap, somebody else will get the item. I smsed the girl and she said that she'll post by monday.

One night, I texted her and asked her if she posted the item. Guess what she said??

"Sorry dear, the bag's zipper is spoiled so I decided not to sell it. Give me your acc number!"

I was really disappointed.

So I asked her if the zipper can be fixed. She said cannot. But I don't mind. I told her to just send the bag to me anyways. She was so stubborn to not sell it to me. She said that she got the rights to take it back. EH, hello? I paid for it already so its practically mine right? And, where are the buyer's rights?

There were one excuse where she said that her sister wants it so she can't sell it or else her sister will be freaking mad.

So many lame excuses.

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  1. she's probably sold it to another buyer already =.=