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Modernization FAIL

I get bout 5 emails a day from people wanting to buy things, or asking its availability etc...

Thing is, my website is a shopping cart. Dont you people know how to use a shopping cart? Why are you all so backward?

You dont see the sold out sign means still got stock la. Just add to cart and checkout la. How difficult is that?

I didnt spend thousands of Ringgits just to have to run my website like a blogshop.

You all dont like convenience?


  1. not so rude please..

  2. not all ppl know how to use shopping cart, u FORWARD ppl..

  3. slap seller slap slap slap

  4. actually the cart system is mar fan

  5. I want a shopping cart for my birthday!February 10, 2010 at 5:15 PM

    Ok this I dont understand at all. If I had the money to do a shopping cart, I would. Its so convenient!

    1. You only have to register once and then you can do future transactions without having to go thru that whats your bank account, whats your add, whats your phone number etc...

    2. All their stocks are archived in the system so you dont have to ask the seller if the item is available or not. If sold out, there would be a SOLD OUT sign.

    3. Everything is automated. Just add whatever you want to the cart and can check total with postage before you confirm.

    4. No waiting at all for the seller to answer your email for bank acct la. Its there at the end of the checkout.

    5. If you can order the item, means its available so just buy and pay all within 5mins.

    Yes, I have done my research on shopping carts because I hope to switch to the system when I have the money.

    Kudos to sellers with shopping cart. This is what online shopping is all about. Really no waiting for seller to answer emails.

    I love shopping with stores with shopping cart. Personally I dont have all the time in the world to wait for emails, bank accts blah blah blah.

    Get with the program people! Overseas online business is ALL shopping cart. Why be so jakun?

  6. I don't get why Slap Seller outnumbers Slap Buyer. Asking the seller whether an item is available or not is so ma fan.

  7. The ones who slap the seller obviously have NEVER seen or used a shopping cart. They dont know how convenient it is for everyone.

    Its true, overseas online shopping are all using shopping carts. Why should you all be so stubborn and conform to being backwards?

    Like that la... How to Maju Malaysia when so many cannot even move ahead with the times? Who says its expensive?

    Did you all know ZEN CART is totally FREE??

    Kelakar la all you jakuns out there.

    Kalau tak tau jangan cepat nak condemn... Open yourself to knowledge.

  8. i guess you've got slapped not bcoz of ur suggestion on shopping cart; but bcoz of ur rude words. u call ur customers 'backward'? sheeesh u FORWARD seller *slap*

  9. yes i agree with the above anom. i myself love shopping cart, it's so convenience. but the way you said it was so rude. like u r sooooo forward. at least you have people who are interested with your products, eventho they are so backward. be grateful.

    slap SELLER!!