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I cannot lie

This happened in a bazaar.

I had this UK8 dress and this girl who is a very obvious UK12 took an interest to that dress. She was putting it against herself and admiring it. She then turns to me and cheerfully says "I'll take it!"

But it wont fit!!! So I just softly told her "It's a UK8, might be a little tight"

She gave me the death stare but paid me anyway.

Hello?? I want business la but I dont feel right selling things to people that wont fit. Was it wrong to tell her the truth?


  1. It might not be for her.
    What an insult!

  2. Even if the dress might be a little tight but if she feels pretty wearing it, what else matters? just let her be. if she likes it then just let her take it. It's good to be honest and tell people the truth but make sure you're telling it at the right place, dear. :)

  3. Lol! Don't bother. Business = money comes. Nothing else.

  4. Since she's obviously happy about it, why make her feel otherwise? Seller should keep her opinion to herself, buyer gets what she wants. It's a win-win situation no?

  5. dah gemuk, gemuk aje lah -,-

  6. babi kurang ajar org kat atas ni.