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What's your preferred bank?

After rounds of Q&As for 2 days, we're down to the very last details for payment.

Seller: Please bank in to my CIMB or MBB account ya? (if you wonder, I have already stated it clearly that I only have these two bank accounts)
Buyer: Do you have PBB account?
Seller: Sorry babe, I do not have one. But you could take your time to bank in if you do not want to do on9 transfer due to the charge.
Buyer: Okays =)

Few days later...

Seller: Hi babe, have you banked in the payments?
Buyer: I think I don't want the items already because it's quite troublesome for me to go bank in to those banks. Sorry ya.

Sigh. Please do not use such excuse to not go ahead with the deal.


  1. The customer is super noob lah. If she can buy online right, she can do online transactions, unless she's a small kid then all is excusable. (she shouldn't even be allowed to go online in the first place coz upsr/pmr/spm coming).

    But if she/he has online bank a/c with their own bank, can bank into any bank lor.

  2. not everybody has online banking u noob.

  3. you know i'm strongly against people with no internet banking to shop online. how difficult is it to get an online account?

    exception for minors

  4. re: not everybody has online banking you noob

    Those who don't have online banking and WANT to shop online with all their prissy demands, THOSE are the noobs, noob.

  5. re : Those who don't have online banking and WANT to shop online with all their prissy demands, THOSE are the noobs, noob.

    if they can still pay within time given then it won't be any problem right? money is still money. anyway what's the point of they invented the cash deposit machine if people don't use it? who's the real NOOB now huh? ;)