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I play Amnesia

I want share an experience I encountered with a FORGETFUL buyer. This girl wanted to buy a dress from me and ask me about the payment and so on. So i filled her up with the banking details and total payment of rmXX. Then she said, she might need some time to bank in because it's quite troublesome for her. There i was thinking, maybe she really DID need some time. So reluctantly, i gave her some time.

3 days later, 4 days, 5 days, 6 days, AND A WHOLE WEEK LATER..!

I send her and sms asking whether she really wants the dress or not because i have another TWO potential buyers. Then she said," much was the price again? was it RMXX or RMXX? I forgot lah.. I will bank in tonite"

I've decided to give her one more chance and replied her NICELY stating the price and waited her to bank in. the following day, i waited until midnight but NOTHING! NIL! NADA!ZILCH! I smsed her a few times but she didn't all! Not even a single email or msg!

Stupid girl, waste my time only!
because of her i lost two potential buyers :(


  1. Oldest trick in the book wei to not remember the price.

    Welcome to the BACK OUT club!

  2. Supper irritated with these kind of customers. Don't order if you don't have the money to pay!