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She likes Asking

This buyer is actually a famous blogshop punya owner. She said she was interested in an item since June 2009, and she asked for special price since she said she's also a seller la.

So ok I give her a special rate and then she asked me for Paypal, ok lor give her lor since she's in AUS, and then she didn't make payment.

And then best part is, she will go and ask me a few months later if the item is still available. Every time ask sure promise will pay, and then gone without a trace.

until the most recent one, which is Feb 2010 (over 8 months since she first reserve it), she still appear, ask for payment details, then hilang. The best part is, her blogshop updates more frequent than her pop-up enquiries!

Shouldn't a seller like her has more common sense than backout buyers??? You tell me lah!


  1. Could she be trying to bring down your sales? Things people do.

  2. Hey you have a point there.

    There's this one very famous seller that does it all the time but she uses a different email & name.

    She was caught last year and she admitted she does it to make sure you end up with dead stock.

    It was a huge issue if you followed the grapevine.

  3. dejavu: nono.. not that seller, I followed that case as well on FT especially after the infamous bazaar case. XD another gal, study in Aus.

  4. Yeah I know who you're talking about... :S
    Just saying there a more than one seller out there doing filth like that.

    tsk tsk

  5. yeah.. thats why nowadays most blogshops do not allow reservations at all.. to prevent these kind of people... piss off...

    you should just sell it off once reservation period ends..

  6. Thanks for informing us for such cases. These people are seriously terrible.

  7. Oops =x i thought it was the famous FT bazaar case-ee as well.I'm a seller, and she did order about 9 pieces from me and went phantom. And i love how her stores still up and busy. >:(

  8. who is this infamous seller?

  9. same case as this one is it?

  10. yup who's that seller? i'm curious to know which kind of seller does that as i'm a seller myself too. she should have some ethics.