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Please la just sell it to ME!

Came across a really nice dress from a wellknown blogshop and we couldn't make an appointment for COD because owner(s) are either too busy with her studies and/or without transport to COD. You might wonder why don't I opt for postage instead. It's because I have no one at home to sign the postage and the poslaju pickup point is about 20 mins drive away = COD distance.

So, after much amendments, time adjustment, we finally agreed on the day and time for COD(the COD places as set by her and NOT me). When the day came, an hour before COD, the seller SMS-ed me telling me that she couldn't make it due to changes in her timetable. So, she said she will be free to COD with me the following day and she would be on time.

The next day came by and once again, she SMS-ed me telling me that she couldn't make it because of transportation problem(sigh!). We rescheduled it to another day for COD and this time I thought she could finally make it since I purposely went to her nearby shopping complex to COD with her. But wrong! She said she couldn't get back on time (tho she was the one that set the time).

And on the fourth day, she told me the dress will be sold to the next one on the waiting list because she has a 3 days reservation policy. Urgh!


  1. and i forgot to mention that I reasoned with her that it's HER problem that I couldn't get the dress within 3 days of her so called 'reservation policy'. But she refused to reply me ever since.

  2. You're not the one backing out but she still use the 3 days policy on you? Jialatt... why so stupid?

  3. i also do not know why she's doing that -.-"
    maybe because she finds it troublesome to COD with(even tho i follow HER desired COD spots).
    sigh..i sometimes find sellers are abit 'tak kisah' with business esp some that with alot of buyers/famous blogshops.

  4. Like that also can! :S

  5. She probably found a buyer who would pay more for the item you wanted. *shrugs*

  6. watss wit slappin d buyer nih??

    agree with 'She probably found a buyer who would pay more for the item you wanted. *shrugs*'

    some blogshops r like tat.

  7. Freaking shop man... not auction center!

  8. She could do that to you even it's her own faults that you couldn't get the dress within 3 days? What a joke! I think she should know who she is when she's reading this. Shame on you!