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More 50¢ drama

I'm a online buyer & i'm also a blogshop owner.

I had an experience for buying a legging from a blogshop. Actually it's just impulse buying. It's RM39 legging & on the next day i ask her to reserve for me i told her that i don't want it already because i found another cheaper one. (Alright maybe i am not allowed to back out on the item)
so i proceed to make payment. I never got any discount from her & I didn't ask for it also. As i know most of the blogshop owner will give discount to blogshop owner also right?

Nevermind, i bank in the amount to her. The postage fee she stated actually is RM4.50. I did mention that i will give them RM4. it's just 50cents only babe!

After i bank in i never receive any email/message from her. After few days, i asked again. Finally she replied. & mention can't proceed as i haven't pay for the 50cent. WHAT?? Alright...i will just give it!!! I waited & waited...she never gave me any reply on whether she sent out the item or not.
After one week, i sms her again. She said she sent it.

Why got such a irresponsible seller? I'm not suppose to get my items after 2-3days after made the payment?


  1. OK this is one annoying post.

    1. Do not bank in however much as you please. Do not give yourself unannounced discount as you please.

    2. I hate it when sellers go "Got Blogshop owner discounts ah?" ~ NO! Like any business owners, we have the right to earn our profit margin. Just because you sell clothes too doesnt mean you get special discounts. Would you walk into a boutique in 1U telling them your pathetic story of being a shop owner too and ask for discounts? No right? SO DONT ASK for discounts from blogshops or webstores.

    SLAP THE BUYER for being an utter disgrace to the REAL blogshp & webstore owners.

  2. 50cents is still moneyFebruary 8, 2010 at 5:44 PM

    Yes this is a frequent excuse.. just so you're a blogshop owner doesnt means you can declare yourself a 50cents discounts.

    The worse case is, some blogshop owners ask if can they trade an item from a blogshop.. which is urgh... =.=

    Next time you should try and ask the post office people for a 50cents discount and see what you get

  3. Soooo annoying! What a cheapskate person.. U give urself discount without confirming with the seller.. And yet u still expect her to give u discount just because u're a seller too?

    "SPIT on you" said it right. I know some people tend to ask for discounts and although i dont really like that, but its at least better than expecting a discount and banking in however much u want (even just 50 cents, but still)..

    I hope u at least treat ur customers right.. How do u like it if every seller that buys from u ask a discount? As it is, u're earning a side income as a seller, pure buyers (not blogshop owners) dont earn anything and if discounts should be given to anyone, the buyer deserves it more.

  4. Yeah man, don't simply take things for granted. >:(

  5. I hope you're still waiting for your leggings... dont just pay as you please.

  6. i hate people like this..if its just 50 cents or 90 cents or what then why the hell dont u pay for it? like u said, 50 cents only what!

  7. 50 cents may seem like nothing to you, but it is the principle of it all. Even if I owe you 10 cents, I still owe you money.

    And don't give yourself a discount just because you feel like it. You're a blogshop owner right? I hope all your customers bank in 50 cents less with every purchase. See how you feel.

  8. Why got such a irresponsible BUYER? I'm not suppose to get my items after 2-3days after made the payment because i did not pay 50 cents?

    Correction made, you're the irresponsible buyer. As A buyer myself, I totally would not agree with your doings. It's ok if they do not give you a discount. Business is business(just like how we buyers like to ask for discounts) but to forcefully assume that you're given that 50cent discount it's unacceptable. You put buyers to shame!