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Serve you right

This bitch of a customer was looking at this cosmic shoulder dress I had for sale with her BF. There seem to be a debate going on about whether she should buy it.

That was a best seller and also the last piece available so I thought I'd just let her know its the last piece and a best seller.

She retorted in the most sarcastic manner while rolling back her eyeballs "WOWWWW... DO I LOOK IMPRESSED??"

I cant help it. My face was on auto-pilot and I frowned. Naturally right? Nevermind... All in a days work.

She put the dress back and strutted away with her BF. Instantly another buyer picked it up and bought it. 15 mins later that skank strutted back to my stall looking for the dress. I told her it was sold out.

"You dont have another piece meh?"

"Which part of LAST PIECE didnt you understand?"

"I thought you were lying!"


  1. Waliao. That buyer...

  2. Served her right indeed!

  3. haha.. bimbo-ish...

  4. I am certainly 'impressed' by her stupidness. Haha.

  5. Yeah, that girl's attitude really is terrible, but at the same time I've faced so many sellers that says 'last piece' which in fact, are not. =( lolz