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I Feel Like Pulling Out My Hair

I sell tiny trinkets and stuff like that. I keep them away in boxes and various compartments and everything is labelled properly and taken out one by one from each compartment when there is an order.

So one item is a few bucks and this customer put down an order for over fifty items. Big business! I know!

Then after I calculate the total for her (a rather whopping amount, but she wanted it right?!?!?) she was like, "Oh. I think I don't want it anymore."

Help me to think for awhile here.

1. I take out each item from each compartment.
2. I key it into my first excel sheet which consists of orders from customers.
3. Then I key it into another excel sheet which is the inventory.
4. Then I key the codes again into an invoice for her.
5. I pack everything nicely, weigh it..
6. Only to put everything back again, and delete the entries from my excel sheet.
7. All that, times 50.

But customer is always right! YAY.


  1. Chill~ At least ur attitude is right and u did not blow up:)

  2. u should hv known better to make her pay first. a slap for you.