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I am doing pre-order, each month will be 2 batchs.

She is my returning customer, and she orders 2 pieces of dresses, she is advised to pay within 3 days to avoid the cancellation of order. Well she made her payment after 3 weeks so due to her late payment, the stock sold out. So i decided to refund her. On Thursday i asked for her maybank acc number. She only gave me the acc number on friday NIGHT,and i told her i will bank in by Monday.

Before monday ( 11pm something on sunday) she called me and kept nagging that i have cheated her money! I was like what i have promised you to make it by Monday right? She tells me with a threatening voice

"By Monday means before Monday! You better bank in to me now otherwise i will report to police about this fraud!"

In fact Maybank is closed on Saturday and Sunday, i got the acc number on Friday NIGHT, of course i will do it latest by Monday since i don't have maybank2u. Normally refund will be done within 3 working days ( not to mention she pays me after 3 weeks leh)!!! Finally i was forced to make an oversea call to Australia just to ask my bf to give back her RM 70...

Argh =(


  1. i dont understand this.. why do u have to call ur bf in australia to give back her money? and u can still use cash deposit on weekends.. some more the amount is exactly rm70, means u can bank in rm50+rm10+rm10.
    not like its rm65.39 or something where u have to go to the counter.
    but the buyer is a bitch nonetheless :)

  2. Yeah I was wondering the same thing. And another huge point, you're an online seller but you dont have maybank2u?

    How the hell do you run an online business with no online banking?

  3. it's not a sin to not have maybank2u when you're doing on9 business -.-"

  4. Its not a sin but it sure does make sense!

    Shows how serious one is in this business. You want to make it a success, you go all out making sure all the pieces fall into place. Convenience for all.

    Running an online business with no online banking is like a coffee shop that doesnt sell coffee. Redundant.

  5. maybank2u is definitely important for an online business, but its still up to the seller to have it or not and as long as she did what she promised, everything will be just fine=) the buyer is definitely a BITCH!

  6. Uhm, do sellers HAVE to have Maybank2u? They could have used other online banking services, it doesn't necessarily have to be Maybank2u right? Come on, she's an online seller, I'm sure she has one.