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Am I famous yet?

Dear Sellers/Buyers/Reviewers

This is not a puke blood post but just a thought that cross the mind. After reading Bias Reviewers, it makes me wonder, how do you categorize whether a blog is famous or not? Is it just through frequent reviewer's highlights alone?

I'm not asking what makes or breaks a blog, but how do you deem this as one of the big boys?

Wanna hear your opinion out loud, what to you is a cool blog? No slapping required, just speak you mind out.


  1. I'm a buyer and my idea of a famous blogshop is one that updates regularly. Big massive updates every week. Usually the clothes will sell out very very fast too. Also these blogs will have pretty and clear pictures of the clothes.

    I like shopping in 'famous blogshops' cos their service is top notch. I mean, it must be saying something rite if people keep coming back for more.

    Famous blogshops usually have been around for quite sometime. I know of one that has been around since 2007 when blogshops in Malaysia are still very rare. For them to be around this long makes them cool to me.

  2. as for me, the ones that sold out their item fast is the famous ones. sometimes you can find the similar stuff available at another not-so-well-known blogshop and wayyyy cheaper! the more famous they are, the more profit they get! don't care if they put up sky high price, people will still buy them eventhough they sell kain batik. like this particular 'orange' blogshop that updates every sunday night. probably because of their fame, and good customer service.

    just my 2 cents though ;)

  3. hahaha, i always look at the blog roll for frequently updated blogs and when i click into them i always check out the # of people online hahaha. Usually the popular ones hit like 20-30 shoppers within the 1st hour of their updates. People are dying to wait for them and all rush in at one go lol.

  4. Oh I forgot to add, the famous blogshops always sell clothes in a higher price compared to other lesser known ones. But I guess because the pictures are nicer, people still buy them. Of course this high price comes with better service too.

  5. Seems like most ppl don't mind the higher price they pay in famous blogshops even though they know it's the exact same item in lesser known but cheaper blogshops.
    Surprise surprise.
    For me, if I see the same item at a cheaper price in a lesser known blogshop, I'll purchase from the them.
    Not all popular blogshops sell good quality items. I once bought a jumpsuit from a really popular blogshop which has awesome pictures for RM60++. Turns out that the quality is so-so only. And it's now still hanging in my closet unworn.
    I say we should support lesser known blogshops and give them a chance to flourish. Popular blogshops price their items exorbitantly :/ And they do so coz they know that they do not face stiff competition from the lesser known ones.
    Just my 2 cents.

    Anyway, to answer the author's questions of what constitutes as a popular blogshop, I would say that those which are popular among reviewers and have items which are sold out real quickly. Such as the 'orange' blogshop mentioned above. Their items are gone as fast as lightning. Though I must say that their customer service is pretty good and the owner is really nice for such a popular blogshop :)

  6. Hello all...I feel it is better to buy from a so-called popular blogshop who has been around for at least more than 1 year.
    It give me more trust and knowing that the items which i purchased are of course "NEW" , that my money are in good hands, and a guaranteed better service!
    As compared from buying from a newbie, unless the items are like cheaper by a lot more, I wont risk buying from a newbie..

    Just my 2 cents :)

  7. it takes time for blogshops to build their reputation. it doesn't happen overnight. some blogshop owners did a lot just to maintain their shops.

  8. SMWDY: I think shouldn't let ppl to advertise their blogs here ... :(

  9. i feel it is only right that ppl start visiting the lesser known blogshops. put aside the 'fame' or 'popularity', at the end of the day its the PRICE and CUSTOMER SERVICE that matters for me :)

  10. Hey Wanie, 166 followers also called lesser-known blogshop arr? Please! Go do free publicity elsewhere.

    As for the writer, here's my view. I've been shopping online since 2 years ago and this is what i observed.

    You see a blog which just updated, you go in. Lots of people lurking around at the "xx shoppers online"(indication 1), most of the collection are pretty nice, with cool looking models (indication 2), always check their chat box! active chat box = popular (and i don't mean other thick face blog shops advertising there)(indication 3), check out their older collection if lotsa sold out/reserve/last piece = highly demanded (indication 4), send in an order and you get prompt reply (like within the hour or minutes even) = standby-at-all-times sellers expecting loads of orders just after each update(indication 5), featured by reviewers frequently (indication 6), you'll see this on the blog/reply to your orders - first to pay, first to get! sad, but true due to high demand i guess (indication 7) Last but not least, the obvious! Few hours later you refresh, you see all gone/reserve! (indication 8)

    Oh and one more i notice quite recently, more popular blog shops tend to do sneak preview before the actual update to keep us on our toes, correct me if i'm wrong. Also, reviewers would usually feature them before the actual update like that "orange" shop.

    ***ta daaa** there, you go (=

  11. hmm, agreed with all but i dun like the "orange" shop...her stuff are always "all reserved" or "sold out" whenever i check into her blog..i hogged my laptop for her updates but i think it's just bull..they're either "all reserved" or "sold out" the minute it updates..blargh!

  12. haha that orange blogshop never have items available longer than two hours i think.

    personally, "famous blogshops" are those with frequent updates, good photos, crazy marked-up prices.