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Why are there so many kepochis always asking for the blogshop names from the writers ah? Do they even get an answer?

Conclusion : Alot of pat pors here loh!

Hahahahha. Don't slap me pls :x


  1. hahhaaha, you're funny :P lol

  2. If there's a blogshop who cheats their customers, wouldn't you wanna know which blogshop it is so you won't get cheated?
    You really deserve a slap la

  3. yep.. i asked b4, n i did got the answer..
    n yes! i admit i kepoh.. n i like gossips!
    its not that bad wad we ask blogshops name thru email.. dey r lucky SMWDY dont publish deir names here loh..

  4. to me its not wrong to know which blogshops cheated on their customers. like the one that r really famous right now that cheats a lot and doesnt provide a good service to her customers. if u r an avid online shopper, u wudnt want to miss a thing. because u dont want to encounter those problems. n i did received those links that ive asked from the writer esp those blogshops that have a bad reputation.

    but then again, u r funny for bringin up this issue. serious. im not being sarcastic. n maybe u just dont even care or more or less, u just dont shop online.

  5. tell me again why were u here?
    coz all i know only the 'ke poh' one visits this site.

    go else where loser

  6. this isn't your place laah. duhh-__-

  7. Is it wrong to want to know which blogshops are bad? I frequent online blogshops alot so I want those information to avoid bad services from them.

    That's the main reason I come to this website too. To know which blogshop cheats people. And yes, I do get links from the writers. In fact, sometimes I will give links to other people if that blogshop gives really really bad service.

    You deserve a slap.

  8. haha you're funny in an annoying way. here's not your place. shooh shooh! don't kepoh ask us why we wanna know. its for our own good! don't sibuk-sibuk wanna ask us why we're so kepoh. you're kepoh-er! lol.

  9. what is pat por? sorry but i do wish people use english here. not everyone understands other ok.

    and the more people ask not to slap the more slaps u're gonna get. just like the post above.

  10. Writer, when you write this, are you referring to stories where the readers were curious about THE BULGE and had nothing to do with the blogshop's service or items? LOL.

  11. Aiyoh writer, just by being here showed that you're already a kepochi.

    You definitely deserve a slap for your stupidity =)

  12. are so funny.

    first - you should try to ask about the blog and see whether the writer reply or not.

    second - cause we are buyer, and seller, have to know who are the culprits that do things with dishonesty.

    lastly - you asked not to be slapped, but you slapped yourself with shame. feel sorry for you.

  13. Ya loh, I memang patpoh mah.

    Yah meh? i think 20% of individuals want to be aware of cheaters, but the other 80% is just pure kepochiness.

    Don't tell me you SHOP EVERY SINGLE SHOP out there in the blogshop world right? If like that, wah you very good loh, contribute to the economy.

    #1 (^^v)

  14. We had bad experience, we need comfort, we share our stories, we create awareness...

    What do you mean pat por?!

    You are so discouraging!

  15. yeah u definitely deserve a slap.. ur prolly another seller that got slapped here dats why ur tryin 2 vent ur frustation here by provoking ppl who try to find out bout those sellers' blog.

  16. being pat por is not a bad thing... at least we get to know which blogshop cheats ppl money and provide bad services... u think everyone is so lucky, always getting good services from blogshop isit...