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Making up her own policies

There was a major online sale going on and this blogshop participated in it selling Mirror sets that were originally priced at nearly RM60 excluding postage, but because of the sale the price was brought down to RM1x.xx. It wasn't something I badly wanted or needed, but because of the bargain I thought "why not?". But the discount only applied to the first 2 buyers. So I hurriedly placed an order and stated "If I'm one of the first two buyers, I'm confirmed! If not then it's okay :)"

Turns out I wasn't one of the 1st 2 buyers so okay, let it go (and I should've let it stay that way). A week later she e-mailed me saying one of the buyers backed out so I'm next in line to take up the offer. So "why not?" again I thought. I promptly paid the very next day RM2x.xx (she charged postage for RM10!! But since it was so cheap I thought it's okay to spend a bit more on postage) and informed her.  I'll have you known that all her mails sounded very cold, distant and formal, no smileys, no "hey"s, no emotions, and not very friendly, just "Dear (name),". The only time she ever showed any semblance of emotions is when she received the money. I didn't like her customer service at all but i thought, just tolerate it lah. It'll all be over once I've received the item... NOT!!

I opened up my package and guess what, she sent the wrong item. Below is the conversation, the gist of it, condensed.

Me: Hey, I've received the parcel already but you've sent the wrong item. I ordered Vintage XX, not XXs. So what do we do now? I'd still like to have Vintage XX. (I thought XX was the ugliest of them all!)

Seller: I’m really sorry. If you want to you can return the item and I will refund you the purchase price (purchase price referring to RM1x.xx).

Me: I can't exchange?

Seller: It's sold off already, before the sale, at a bazaar. (i'm thinking "what"? From the day of the sale until i received the item which was already over a week, it didn't show 'sold!'). Just send the item back to me and give me your bank account number and i will refund the purchase price.

Me: But why should I bear the postage cost for your fault? Why should I be RM20 poorer for YOUR mistake while you lose nothing?

Seller: It's policy!

I checked her Shop Policies and guess what? NOTHING on refunds and exchanges. I even took screenshots of them as evidence, because she eventually changed it.

Me: But it's not fair for me to bear the burden of YOUR mistakes! YOU should be the one to bear the postage cost to send the item back to you, and refund me the full purchase price + postage cost that i paid.

Seller: It's not like I sent you a defective item. It's made of very very good quality and i'm already selling below cost price!

Me: It doesn't matter whether you're selling below cost price or not, because that was your choice in the first place. In the end, this is not what I ordered, and this is not what I wanted. If you ordered something and that seller sends you the wrong item, would you think you should be the one to bear the postage cost for the seller's mistake?

She completely avoided the question and harped on about how good the quality of the item was and yada-yada.

Me: Then what about we meet up to exchange or refund? Like COD, just exchanging the item for either another item or for the full purchase price + postage.

Seller: I don't do COD.

Like WHAT?? Don't even wanna make a reasonable exception to take responsibility. Eventually she increased her refund to ONLY RM2x.xx but still insisted that i bear the postage cost to return the item to her and must do it within approx 3 days (wasn't in her T&C when I transacted with her!). Talk about taking responsibility for your actions. If i returned it, I'd be RM10 (based on her postage price) poorer and would have gotten nothing for it, for a fault on HER part. Hence it's still with me, in its original packaging, collecting dust and reminding me of the bad bad experience and customer service she provided.

And now it's in her policy that if a refund or exchange is wanted for an error on her part, customers have to bear the postage cost to return the item to her, and refunds are capped at only the purchase price. So no matter what, customers have to bear ALL postage costs, even for the fault and negligence of the seller. Meaning she can conveniently send an unsellable item to any customer even if that's not what they ordered, and because of the policy, customers would most likely just keep the item rather than become a few RMs poorer and gain nothing at all for it. It's better to not even transact with her in the first place, don't you think?


  1. owh my, i feel sorry for you. mind telling me which blogshop is it? i really hope i didnt encountered her
    thanks :)

  2. That's awful :/ Which blogshop is this? Please e-mail me at nadirah_amy at yahoo, thanks.

  3. all in all, she didnt have any intentions to refund you. Please let me know the blogshop :)


  4. huhu..i feel sorry 4 u..
    its not fair to customer bear all the postage fee if seller made the mistake..
    mind telling me the blogshop?want to avoid this irresponsible seller..

  5. this is sick. it's simply unfair. i feel sorry for you.

    may I know the seller please?
    do email me pls thanks.

  6. what kind of stupid policy is that? O.O
    some ppl are just so unreasonable. sigh.

    do email me please.


  7. OMG! The seller is extremely unreasonable and idiotic! If possible, please let me know this blogshop. Thanks

  8. That's just WRONG! I don't know how sellers like that live with the fact that customers are unhappy about their service from a mistake THEY themselves made. They prolly don't care and think who cares as long as I made a sale and got rid of what would otherwise be dead stock.

    Betcha she knew it was the wrong when sending it out in hopes that you weren't gonna create a fuss. And if she did, then she's a bloody CHEAT!

  9. i hate irresponsible sellers!!!pls mail me!

  10. this seller gives all sellers a bad name, seriously. i too am a seller and if i made the same mistake i would never dare to request for the buyer to bear the postage of returning the item. shame la wei. dah la buat salah, somemore wanna make ur buyer pay for ur blunder ke? what kind of policy is that?

    Kudos to the buyer for taking screenshots of the policies as evidence. don't worry lah, since the seller so bodoh go and make this kinda new policies, nobody will buy from her anymore one.

    so to all buyers, please be smart and read the shop policies first prior to purchasing. eventhough like in this case, it did not help much, but at least u know ur not likely to get cheated. most blogshops not like this seller wan.

    guys, no need to ask which seller, just next time when u shop at any blogshop, read their tnc n policies. and if it says buyer has to bear all postage even if it's seller's fault then u know that is the same blogshop lor.

  11. What a horrible and unethical seller! But anyway, this seller was a cheat to begin with and had every intention of selling you the wrong item in hopes of clearing it out. It's great that buyers are voicing out and questioning policies in times like these when the sellers are obviously at fault. Cheats like that seller will certainly not last long. What a bloody idiot.

  12. i encountered same situation a legging with a hole that looks big when u wear it.we exchange but i bear the postage.same goes with heels.i supposed to receive heels but i got someone else parcel.return it back.postages on me. -_-'

    u seller makes a lot money already.why do this to us?

  13. thats awful. mind to share wad blogshop is that? i can avoid this in future.

  14. blardy hell. i have to know which blogshop

  15. this is utterly pure nonsense how can the seller expect the buyer to bear the postage cost..she's clearly cheating all her customers.I'm sure she has done it before to other customers.I'm completely taken aback..such a irresponsible seller.Buyer is just too nice if it was me I would have given her hell..

  16. pls let me know which blogshop this is also =) im so totally gonna avoid this blogshop...wouldnt wanna spend away my money on something i dont want

  17. so irresponsible!

    mind to share with me the blogshop?

  18. Hi all,

    Thanks for being so supportive of me. I'd really love for you guys to know which irresponsible blogshop this is, but at the time of the incident she had indirectly threatened to issue me a summon if I did bring down her reputation.

    From my point of view, I'm not doing anything wrong, if at all I'm just making known my personal experience. If at all, I think I should be the one issuing her a summon. Is anyone studying law or anything related and is able to advise me on my position?

  19. but how does she issue you a summon?

  20. According to wikipedia,

    "A judicial summons is addressed to a defendant in a legal proceeding. Typically, the summons will announce to the person to whom it is directed that a legal proceeding has been started against that person, and that a file has been started in the court records. The summons announces a date by which the defendant(s) must either appear in court, or respond in writing to the court or the opposing party or parties."

    I'm not sure how it's done, but after the argument over the chat available at her website, her subsequent mails were full of legal jargon. I'm thinking she probably got a lawyer friend's help?


    let me know too :)

  22. Why buyer kena slap?? Wad's this??

  23. Wow, she actually wants to issue a summon against you? I'll be avoiding this blogshop, that's for sure.

  24. u still have the photos of her policies before??so u have proof there as there were no such policies before.
    as what i understand so far..ur the one who was tricked with the postage money n wrong item sent.
    y would she summoned u?it supposed to be u who summon her
    cmon la darl, she might just threatened u to not bring down her blogshop .im studying law now but hasnt finish yet to really gve u advice. u go n find help if she really wanted to do such thing and i still stiffly think that ur the one who should summon her
    go girl :)

  25. thanks so much last anonymous, for the support :)

  26. summon dia tak boleh pakai! just a threat! threat dia balik!

  27. which blogshop?
    mail me,