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Ban me?!

First thing first, I am glad that I can bitch slap this bitchy seller.

Well, she owns a blogshop, selling mostly plus size items. She started with selling pre-loved items..which stated 98% good condition, new with tag etc. So, one day, I felt like buying two tops from her. So I asked her to give me the details and bla bla bla the items arrived.

I wore one of the tops (stated NEW WITH TAG but received with no tag at all ya..strange!) and my boyfriend saw this freaking bad defect on the tops. It was a hole that was being sewn. New with tag,is it?!

Well, considered that she was so nice to me.. I didn't feel like having arguments asking for refunds. So I asked her in her chat box to put any defects on her stuffs if there's any. I didn't blame her this and that no I don't but the next day, I found that she deleted my message in the chatbox and that was it.

Never I thought to make things going bad and I was afraid that I might kacau her business so I decided that it is not my luck, not my 'rezeki'

Until that day when I decided to come to her blogshop and advertise my stuffs...I found that she banned me! Practically, she bans my IP ya!
What the heck?!

Whatever it is,I believe in karma.
She'll get whatever she gave.

Good luck,bitch.


  1. May I know which blogshop is that?

  2. i think i know which seller ure talking about because she banned my IP too

  3. wth with the seller.

    can i know the url of the blog?

    email me:

  4. i think i had the same experience like u... but not to the point that i was banned since i was so fed up, i didn't even bother going to the blog. can u mail me the name of the blogshop?

  5. Hey may I know which blog is this please? catherhea[at]live[dot]com

  6. mail me my dear! i often shop in pre-loved shop ><
    thank you so much..

  7. I wanna know too!

  8. may I know which blogshop it is? Thx

  9. Renew your IP babe. Screw her!

  10. i wanna know too!


  11. which blog? mail me.

  12. please mail me the blogshop address too, thanks =D

  13. The Banned Girl LOLApril 6, 2010 at 7:37 PM

    hey anonymous 8.37am..who's that person ya?the woman who bans me is living outside KL.very far from KL.

  14. Can you mail me the link of this blogshop?

  15. tell me..

  16. mail me the name of the

  17. mail me the name: likexsnow(at)

  18. would like to know too. pretty please.

  19. mail me! cookie.cutieee(at)

  20. hello The Banned IP anon 8.37am..yup she's not from kl,quite far from kl,about 6-7hours i think :) right?

  21. haha.. aiyoh..knowing the blogshop name won't do any good.. the owner can just change or switch blogshop names what, don't you think? but i guess there is always a risk when you are buying things (online). That's the risk you have to take. You can see, feel, touch or try the online products, although pictures can be very tempting but real ones can be very deceiving too in terms of looks and quality. So all in, shop in physical stores la:).

  22. Please mail me her blogshop url.

    Thank you :)

  23. The Banned Girl LOLApril 12, 2010 at 1:01 PM

    Anon 8.37am,

    my god!what has she done to you?

    looking at where she lives,never thought lah women from there can cheat one haha.

    whatever it is,i still think that i cant reveal her blog URL because I pity her children.she feeds her children with this business money, i think.

    but lucky lah now cause she is selling brand new stuffs so chances for u all to get cheated are quite low so no worries.

    but being bitchy me..i would like to give a hint..hahahaha.
    her URL contains the words plus size.

    and she's not from Klang Valley.haha.